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  1. Hi I posted in the intro/welcome forum also.. I'm on day 6 and surprised to have my chronic acid reflux / GERD that I was hoping to address in 'reintroduction' as to which foods were triggering. Right now I just have a sore throat and chest congestion, but can feel the cough coming on which is really horrible, keeps me up all night with the coughing attacks, etc. I also have been having low energy, constipation, and bloating. I'm wondering if there are some logical answers to this? Like perhaps, I'm detoxing from a diet heavy in sugar and had gotten away from my healthy habits, s
  2. Hello Whole30 Nation! I would love to be active here, as I don't have anyone IRL that I'm doing my challenge with. I was actually on a first date who told me about how he loves the whole30, had heard about it before- and really was looking for something like this, so got the books and started a few days later! I am normally pretty healthy with diet and exercise, however it has gotten a bit out of hand in the past year or so. I chose to take the challenge for three main reasons: 1. address and break the sugar addiction that was getting out of control 2. see if I can find a soluti
  3. Thank you for this! I'm going to drink more water. And try the warm water before breakfast trick. Update for today is that things are moving again!
  4. I'm on day 4, and for some reason have not had one bowel movement since starting the program! Which seems very weird - I'm usually extremely regular (every single morning like clockwork and occasionally throughout the day as well). However- I've been having occasional constipation leading up to this, which was one of the reasons I chose to take the challenge. Apologies if this is already a topic, I honestly could not figure out how to search the topics here. Main questions: 1. any tips on getting things moving 2. would you advise taking a gentle, natural laxative tea such as