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  1. If this was my experience, it would make sense - the stomach can take a while to understand that it's full. But my experience is backwards to this. Immediately after I eat, I feel full/sated. But an hour or so later, my stomach feels hollow again. I've done the same as you did and have told myself it's not hunger, and found ways to distract myself. But it doesn't go away for me. It's always there, and somehow worse than real hunger. I've caught myself avoiding food because I know it'll make me hungrier. I'm glad you mentioned Kombucha, though. I've had sauerkraut with my lunch the last few days and it seems to be helping. Coffee helps too, but I can't drink coffee all day. I'll look into adding a 'booch digestif. Awesome suggestion, thanks. I share the same Keto-based instinct to avoid high-carb foods, but I'm working on it. It might be that I'm just not getting enough of the right things with my meals.
  2. Hi all, I transitioned from 2 months of Keto directly into Whole30 this month. This is my first Whole30 and I was so excited to have fruit and a wide range of veggies again, and to continue working on training myself out of bad eating habits. My body was already accustomed to some of the restrictions (no grains, no alcohol), and my mind was accustomed to restrictions in general (yup, haven't had chocolate since June), so I arrogantly figured the only hard parts would be no dairy, ignoring the impulse to track macros, and not loading up my coffee with some (any) form of sweet deliciousness. I was wrong. Cutting out dairy was easy, not tracking is as simple as breathing, and it only took two days to start enjoying my coffee with only a splash of compliant nut milk. What I DIDN'T see coming was a constant ache of hunger. One of the best things about Keto for me was that I was never hungry. My cravings didn't exactly disappear (I'm always in the mood for something sweet. Seriously, always.), but I just forgot to snack. Not exactly a rave review of my abilities at impulse control, but it helped me change my habits. I learned to plan and prepare meals deliberately, which I planned to continue during Whole30 - knowing that cutting out one of my main sources of fat (dairy) would mean I'd have to find it in other places, a week before starting my Whole30, I started replacing butter with oil when I cooked. My first week was great. I didn't get many serious side effects and knowing my tendency to overdo it, I limited my fruit intake. It was great to reintroduce all the veggies, but my favorites are mostly the ones that are Keto-friendly anyway, so my meals didn't actually change that much. But within days, I noticed that my stomach felt empty ALL THE TIME. Within an hour (usually less) of eating a full meal, my stomach forgets about it. At first I figured it was a transition thing, but I'm on day 18 and still feeling it. In fact, I've started to notice that I'm usually hungrier after I eat than before. Before you jump in: yes, I eat plenty - two months of counting will give anyone a basic understanding of how many calories they're consuming; yes, I'm getting plenty of fiber and healthy fats, though not in the proportions I was getting on Keto; no, my activity level has not changed; and yes, I'm staying hydrated. All this to ask: Has anyone else done this, and did this happen to them? It's uncomfortable, distracting, and I want it to stop. I'm committed to my 30 days, but it'd be really great if they were comfortable. I'm missing out on prime Tiger Blood, here.