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  1. I noticed some bloating also when I added some cheese into my meals the other day. Will definitely be looking a lot closer at the dairy category going forward.
  2. thanks much the meals sound great I will definitely give it a try.
  3. @Meliena Thanks for checking with me. So far I cant say I have done much reintroducing at all. The big thing that I was looking forward to (as my first reintroduction) was peanut butter. SO I had some TruNut powder and made a small batch. I mean small too LOL like 1.5 teaspoons. And to be honest - it wasnt all I remember it to be. I was so disappointed I really havent even tried anything else. Might buy some coconut milk yogurt next week. Everytime I think of something to "try" i change my mind or talk myself out of it. But any tips you can provide I am all ears. Its been great
  4. Only a few days left and I have to say I feel great. Pants that were tight are now very comfortable. Shirt size has gone down and I dont really crave or miss anything. My biggest concern right now it the reintroduction phase. I almost dont want to change anything. I am worried that I would slip back into old habits lol. Also I have been out of work this month and might be starting something new soon. Will be more stressed in how to plan and pack lunches.
  5. Halfway through and I am feeling good. Have gotten used to black coffee even. I have more energy and sleep well. I havent had any of the headache or grumpiness thankfully. I am getting bored with my meals tho but I am working it through. I have a small dorm size refrigerator with very limited freezer room so its difficult to stay diverse in my meat options. I know I eat a lot of vegetables but am a little worried that I actually am eating too much/many fruits. I have some with each meal, half apple or a few melon chunks. I did feel brave enough yesterday to try on some jeans that
  6. Oh thanks! thought I was going crazy looking for it. LOL
  7. Hello all! Got the Whole 30 book and started looking it over. Realized it was what I have been looking for. Something that works with what I already eat/like but makes it more healthy. Also am making some life changes that will make it easier to begin from scratch with having only foods around me that are approved. So I have chosen October 1st as my start date and working on getting everything ready and set up to start putting best foot forward. I know I will need encouragement and strengthening of spirit along the way lol. Will be looking for where to sign up for those daily email