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    thanks much the meals sound great I will definitely give it a try.
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    Hey everyone,  as a W30 coach and someone who loved those daily emails, I created some for my clients.  I don’t charge clients right now because my schedule doesn’t allow “in depth” coaching, so if anyone wants to be added to the daily email list or a Facebook group (I can make one), let me know!
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    Hello all!
    Got the Whole 30 book and started looking it over.  Realized it was what I have been looking for.  Something that works with what I already eat/like but makes it more healthy.   Also am making some life changes that will make it easier to begin from scratch with having only foods around me that are approved.  So I have chosen October 1st as my start date and working on getting everything ready and set up to start putting best foot forward.  I know I will need encouragement and strengthening of spirit along the way lol.  Will be looking for where to sign up for those daily emails   Also I have a "diet" buddy to help keep me going.
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    Oh thanks! thought I was going crazy looking for it.  LOL