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  1. Avalindy

    Weight Loss?

    I hear you!! I'm a chronic calorie counter from doing all the programs I can find but I'm on day 6 so far and am strangely enjoying not counting. I still feel like I should be, and occasionally freak out by thinking "OMG how many calories did that cost me??", but I'm trying not to and ride the wave. But I have to say 6days in and I'm already considerably less bloated than I used to be. The 3pm tireds are killing me though, but i'm hoping they'll level out next week sometime
  2. Avalindy

    Don't over think this.

    THANKS SO MUCH ROBIN!! This post was awesome! I'm on Day 5 at the moment and sometimes I'm worried if I can or cant eat something. While I feel less bloaty and a bit slimmer (i'm probably the same but its more about how we feel right?) my sugar dragon is constantly poking me today like a bored 5year old and being really annoying. I want chocolate but I will instead have some capsicum or something. Thanks also for clearing up the fruit issue. This being my first whole30, I wasnt sure if I was allowed fruit. I kinda hoped so long as it wasnt excessive (like 5pieces a day) it would be ok but its hard to be sure sometimes!!