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  1. Avalindy

    Hot cocoa? Or is that SWYPO??

    I like this topic a lot! I've been craving a hot chocolate and to ship Choffy or Crio Bru to Australia is expensive. Ditto on the Black coffee! I was SO surprised that I like it better!
  2. Avalindy

    Late night Sugar Cravings

    My sleep pattern of late has been a bit out of whack so that could be it. And I'll try and eat a bit more. Yesterday I was hungry ALL the time! so I ate quite a bit more and before I knew it, it was past 10pm and I wasnt craving sugar!! I think I've also been partially been watching portion sizes, which is a bad habbit from previous weight loss programs, but could also be that i'm not eating enough because of it. thanks all! Really appreciate the advice
  3. hi all I'm a noob and I've had a look around the forum but can't find anything on this, so i'm just hoping i can get a little help with late night sugar cravings. Some time after 10pm everynight I've been having EPIC sugar cravings. Anyone else have this issue or know of a way to combat it? thanks!
  4. Avalindy

    Weight Loss?

    I hear you!! I'm a chronic calorie counter from doing all the programs I can find but I'm on day 6 so far and am strangely enjoying not counting. I still feel like I should be, and occasionally freak out by thinking "OMG how many calories did that cost me??", but I'm trying not to and ride the wave. But I have to say 6days in and I'm already considerably less bloated than I used to be. The 3pm tireds are killing me though, but i'm hoping they'll level out next week sometime
  5. Avalindy

    Suggestions on cookbooks?

    Do it!! I just bought it myself as I'm a complete noob looking for inspiration and its actually REALLY good. As I'm not in the States I bought the PDF version for my iPad just because its easier. I'm sure I'll get good use out of it. What I've read so far is great! So much hard work has gone into it, it really is brilliant.
  6. Avalindy

    Preparing for Whole30-CHEAP ideas

    I'm with CAK911 on the eggs! they are cheap and filling. I have a reasonably small budget for food per week as well and veggie scromlets have saved me so many times. This being said tho I am a single girl so if I'm broke and a scromlet is all I can afford for a week, then that's what I'll eat. In that sense I dont have to worry about others getting bored or "over" whatever I make. I've also found growers markets for fruit and veggies are usually cheaper than supermarkets most of the time. And ground meat (beef, turkey, chicken and pork) are all good options for saving money - and theyre versatile. you can combine them with a range of spices and make so many different things. Good luck!
  7. Avalindy

    Don't over think this.

    THANKS SO MUCH ROBIN!! This post was awesome! I'm on Day 5 at the moment and sometimes I'm worried if I can or cant eat something. While I feel less bloaty and a bit slimmer (i'm probably the same but its more about how we feel right?) my sugar dragon is constantly poking me today like a bored 5year old and being really annoying. I want chocolate but I will instead have some capsicum or something. Thanks also for clearing up the fruit issue. This being my first whole30, I wasnt sure if I was allowed fruit. I kinda hoped so long as it wasnt excessive (like 5pieces a day) it would be ok but its hard to be sure sometimes!!
  8. Avalindy

    February 2013 Starters

    Hi there I started the whole30 on the 1st Feb. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I'm looking forward to the new challenge. I've previously done other programs but I really wanted something new which I had to think for myself. I also have a really bad dependence on the sugar demon. I dont drink soft drinks or anything but I do have EPIC sugar cravings for lollies and chocolate. Whilst my goal is to lose weight, right now I'm looking at it as a by-product of being healthier and happier by eating better. I exercise regularly but I think the sugar I consume (regardless of a little/none or anything I can find that particular day) counter acts any possible benifits i may get from exercise. I'm on day 5 at the moment, and I'm enjoying it, but i'm hungry all the time!!! Even after I just eat. Then I think of the fish and broccolli and think, "yeah totes - I want to eat that!". It probably doesnt help that I love fish and I love broccoli, but,.... According to one of the emails its normal (?) while your body is reconfiguring to processing fat and not sugar, see how we go eh? Either way less sugar is not a bad thing. That Frittata look delicious!!! Kate File!! guess what I'm making tonight!!