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  1. day 19. I am not yet feeling the positive results, maybe it is a matter of time. Perhaps my age is a factor ( I am 72 ). However my weight training work outs are good. the energy is off and on. and a good nights sleep is still elusive. I have dropped a lot of bad eating habits, so over all it is a plus.
  2. So far so good on daY 10. I have better mental clarity and my stomach is a bit trimmer. My weight lifting work outs are responding well. The morning headaches have lessened. One small problem ,I am Italian...….. and already tired of compliant Italian sausage.
  3. Day 5 I am still whole 30 compliant. Biggest test is doing without alcohol and salty snacks in the evening. I wake up with headaches every morning, not sure what causes this.
  4. 72 year old male, first whole 30. Trying to keep a healthy profile and remove a few unhealthy choices from my diet, also want to feel better and get that elusive great nights sleep. Good luck to all
  5. am also starting on oct. first. Looking to kick a serious potato chip snack addiction. Good Luck