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  1. Jihanna, Thank you for the advice, would you mind sharing how you split things up for you reintroduction? I am hoping to get as specific as possible. For instance, I am not sure how to break up the dairy category. I wish there was a resource that provided a more detailed reintro broken down into sub-categories.
  2. Should I just do the broad categories for reintroduction and then if I have a reaction, test each food in the category?
  3. Hi All, I just completed the whole30, woo hoo! I did the Whole30 because I am Celiac and even with eliminating gluten, I have been having a lot of digestive issues and bloating. I now feel amazing and am ready to start the reintroduction period. I was looking at the fast-track reintroduction period, and it shows that I am supposed to reintroduce each category back one at a time (legumes, diary, gf grains, etc.). Since I am doing this to find out what specifically bothers me, do I need to break out the foods within those categories as well? If I just do legumes all in one day, how will I know if soy or beans are the culprit? Do I need separate days for wine and beer? I just want to make sure I use this to really figure out what bothers me. Suggestions? I was looking at something like this for the reintro schedule: Day 1: Added sugar (cane sugar in coffee, honey with sweet tea or drizzled on a sweet potato, salmon glazed with maple syrup, maple chicken sausage, honey ham) Day 3: Soy Day 6: Legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, peanuts) Day 9: Corn Day 12: Non-gluten Grains (rice, gf bread, oats, quinoa) Day 15: Dairy (butter, yogurt, cheese, kefir, milk) Day 18: Gluten-free Alcohol (red/white wine, gf beer, 100% agave tequila, potato vodka) Day 21: Eggs Day 24: Nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, white potatoes Some other questions I have are: If I find out that a category does not bother me, can I continue eating it during reintroduction? Do I have to worry about added sugar during the Whole30 compliant days? Thanks, Jessica
  4. Hi everyone, I need some advice, please! I am on Day 9 of my Whole30 and everything has been going great, until last night. Let me start by first saying that I am a medically diagnosed Celiac (autoimmune disease to gluten). So, I started this whole thing to repair my guts and figure out if any other foods have been bothering me. Last night, we went to Bennihana's for a friend's bday. I ordered everything whole30 compliant (plain steak, plain veggies, no rice, no dressing, etc.). After the chef started cooking, I noticed that he did not separate my food and cook it first as usual. He made the regular fried rice with soy sauce and then lightly cleaned the grill before he put my shrimp on top. I also noticed him sprinkle the veggies with soy and a drop or two may have landed on my food. I didn't know what to say or do about it, so I ate it anyway. As usual, my stomach bloated right after eating and I had a slight stomach pain (I was slightly glutened from the cross-contamination with the soy sauce). I know you are supposed to restart the Whole30 if you intentionally cheat, even by one bite, but what about cases where you eat slightly contaminated food with one of the off limit items? I am Celiac, so that probably started a small reaction in my intestine that caused my body to attack itself (I am not sure how long this lasts - could be days/weeks/months). I was feeling so great before this happened and I am really frustrated. My main issue is getting glutened on accident by people cooking for me and by going out to eat. As much as I want to never eat out again, it is not realistic. Do you think I have to restart the whole30 because of this? I feel like someone would not restart the Whole30 if this happened to them and they were not Celiac. Will this affect my gut repair if I do not restart it? I appreciate your help.