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  1. Jihanna, Thank you for the advice, would you mind sharing how you split things up for you reintroduction? I am hoping to get as specific as possible. For instance, I am not sure how to break up the dairy category. I wish there was a resource that provided a more detailed reintro broken down into sub-categories.
  2. Should I just do the broad categories for reintroduction and then if I have a reaction, test each food in the category?
  3. Hi All, I just completed the whole30, woo hoo! I did the Whole30 because I am Celiac and even with eliminating gluten, I have been having a lot of digestive issues and bloating. I now feel amazing and am ready to start the reintroduction period. I was looking at the fast-track reintroduction period, and it shows that I am supposed to reintroduce each category back one at a time (legumes, diary, gf grains, etc.). Since I am doing this to find out what specifically bothers me, do I need to break out the foods within those categories as well? If I just do legumes all in one day, how will I
  4. Hi everyone, I need some advice, please! I am on Day 9 of my Whole30 and everything has been going great, until last night. Let me start by first saying that I am a medically diagnosed Celiac (autoimmune disease to gluten). So, I started this whole thing to repair my guts and figure out if any other foods have been bothering me. Last night, we went to Bennihana's for a friend's bday. I ordered everything whole30 compliant (plain steak, plain veggies, no rice, no dressing, etc.). After the chef started cooking, I noticed that he did not separate my food and cook it first as usual. He made