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    Throughout the reintroduction, the only non-compliant foods you should be eating are the ones that you're testing that day. You may not experience any immediate reactions that you can see during your "recovery" period before starting a new test, but that doesn't mean that continued exposure won't cause an issue... and if you experience any issues, you need to be able to point out exactly what's likely causing it, not be left wondering if it was the newly reintroduced food or one you continued eating.
    The only exception to that is generally the added sugar. I personally wouldn't go overboard adding sugar to everything myself, but when it comes to sugars in things I'm reintroducing (or a small amount in a recipe I'm using for reintroduction), that's completely fine. Once we begin to reintroduce foods, it can be difficult to stick to the no added sugars rule anyway, by virtue of added sugar being in so much of what we want to test.
    I would separate the wine and beer since you're dealing with two different types of alcohol there. I separated just about all of my own foods for reintroduction, though, because I wanted to know (for instance) if certain beans affect me more heavily than some or if quinoa would be better/worse compared to rice. I feel like detailed knowledge is a good thing when it comes to determining what should and shouldn't be part of my everyday diet.  
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    Restarting is always your decision. I would say, your body doesn't know whether you ate something on purpose or accidentally, it just knows it got something that clearly doesn't agree with it. 
    If you don't want to commit to restarting right now, keep going, and when you get closer to day 30, think about whether you might be okay with adding nine days so you have 30 straight compliant days. When you get further in, you may feel like adding more days is not a big deal.
    As for eating out, what I would say is that you are totally worthy of getting foods that will not make you sick. Learn to speak up. You can (and should) be nice about it, but you can be assertive and also nice. Stop the guy before he puts your food on, and remind him to clean the grill well. Or ask if he can do yours first to avoid cross-contamination. If you notice something wrong, say something. And then tip well, that goes a long way to offsetting anything the waitstaff may have grumbled about. 
    When you're going to be dining out with others, suggest places you know work for you, or call beforehand and ask what you can order, or if worst comes to worst, eat before you go and just have salad 9r a cup of coffee while you enjoy everyone's company. 
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    I'm sure one of our moderators will chime in...but I would restart for sure! You committed to the process of a 30-day reset. You didn't mean to have something off plan, so you know you got this! It can only help! This happened to me when I ate some sundried tomatoes that i realized after had sulfites. I restarted. I want the full benefits of every bit of research I do. I also have a disease that i manage and it was important to me to the program as intended to reap the rewards forever. Hope this helps