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  1. I had a family party on Saturday. Not having alcohol wasn't so difficult. It was the food being served. It smelled delicious but I didn't have a hard time wanting not to eat it. It was the looks that I got when everyone noticed what I had on my plate. Didn't have any rice and beans or tortillas. I only had the pork in green chile sauce that was basically the only thing that was compliant. There wasnt any salad or veggies so I hardly had anything on my plate. Then I turned down the dessert. I could have possibly had it but they were serving parfaits and mixed all the fruit with yogurt before I
  2. I had a headache the first few days because I also decided to give up coffee at the same time. I was so tired and sleepy before the afternoon even came. But that is all over with now. My mornings are easier to get started and it isnt so hard to get out of bed now.
  3. Decided about 2 weeks ago that I would start this Oct 1st with my boyfriend because we both have health goal to reach. My bf regularly exercises but is not dropping the weight that he wants. I use to exercise regularly but I stopped bc I was burned out from not seeing results. I was not eating for my goals and eventually I gave up. I have gained weight and have high blood pressure and cholesterol. I've yoyoed for the last couple of years. So now I want to be accountable of what I put in my body so that eventually I can be healthier over all and just feel better about the decisions I make. Did