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    SunshineBell reacted to Amura in Whole30 Ramen   
    Wow, that's an impressive recipe!
    Your mom's stock recipe looks very much like the good ol' stock I make (just different veggies, but hey, in each country people have used whatever the soil gave them, so I'm considering them perfectly interchangeable) but the vinegar surprised me. Now that's something I must try!
    Also the eggs marinade sounds great. 
    I like soft-boiled eggs and that marinade sounds delicious with them, so this is something I'm gonna try too.
    To be honest I've never eaten ramen, but this looks awesome on many levels.
    I'll give a try to the first sections of the recipe first, if I like them separately I'll make sure to try a complete Whole30 ramen according to your recipe.
    Thank you very much for sharing!