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  1. Thanks, Shannon, for your awesome answer. Since stomach surgeries can affect absorption, your doctor is just looking out for the best for you.

    To tag onto something Shannon said, you could do research to see if there are other supplement options available (with, of course, your doctor's approval). For example, for the MVM,  there may be professional type brands that have less fillers  and / or dyes. Have malabsorption issues, I find the although I pay more, the professional supplements are better absorbed, and thus work better. This thought isn't necessarily supported by everyone.

    As far as access to professional brands, I have found some at the local health food stores or certain grocery store chains. If you have a chiropractor, dietician or other similar type provider, they may be able to get you connected with a company which you can order from directly. In my community we have a health care school with a book store that sells supplements. Anyone can buy from the store.

    Good luck!