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  1. Hello, my name is Martha. For the past 2 years of life I have been continuously curious about the Whole30. I started my first round then and lasted I believe a week. This new way of life was an adjustment that I thought would happen fast since I consider myself a quick learner (boy was I high up on my horse). Well that went south and I started to notice more about myself and the role food plays in my life. I decided to try again for real this year and in Sept 2019 I actually went for it and got 2 weeks down!!! I felt so good about this accomplishment, its been the longest one yet. But I caved
  2. Today I got asked to try local honey ( I am a sucker for all locally made products and supporting local community). As I dipped A tiny bit of honey into my body I realized that it wasn’t whole30 approved item. I am so bummed out about he idea of starting over when I made it past 2 weeks. But i automatically had a feeling like something wasn’t right and I should restart. It pains me to think about starting over but it pains me more to keep going knowing I’m not getting the full effect considering the honey changed my mood almost instantly and that’s the reason why I decided to do this. I’m sup
  3. I started my whole30 8 days ago and so far it’s been a roller coaster of gains and struggles. So much keeps coming up with my relationship with food. The first time I did this 2 years ago it didn’t last longer than a week but I felt great for those days so I’m trying it again thinking that it would help change the way I think mentally. But was I wrong, I’m still me but with a lot more clarity. It’s rough sometimes then I read around to find some encouragement when I can’t create it myself. Or reality. Like this the elimination part of a new lifestyle and in entitles so much more than food but