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  1. Oh, didn't know to look for that. I thought they were just raw thighs (ie no breading or anything obviously off plan)
  2. Thank you for your thoughts. My daughter thought that maybe it was the skin that upset my stomach. Yes, I want to give it two days off (like reintroduction) and try without the skin and see how it goes. I agree, it is wonderful to be able to be so in tune to your body to notice this AND be able to know what the culprit was.
  3. YEsterday was day 18. I am feeling great with a word - Clean. I baked chicken thighs with just salt, pepper, and garlic powder. They crisped up real nice. After two hours of eating 2 (too many?) thighs, I could feel my stomach bloating and a tightness (?) at the belly. The bloating was still there this morning and is slowly receeding. Can a certain food, that is on plan, cause bloating? I find it really interesting that this happened in that if I was eating regularly I wouldn't know what caused the bloating However, the thighs were the only "new" food since I started the program.
  4. Hey! How are you doing on your Whole30?
  5. Hey Everyone! This is my first time around. I am excited (and scared) to slay this sugar dragon! I know my 2 challenges will be that I am the only one doing this plan in my house of 4. Secondly, lunch is the most difficult to plan for as I am out of the house and sandwiches have been the staple. Sure would like to have a buddy. Thanks!