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    jredl reacted to Neophiyte in Starting Oct 14, 2019   
    Started yesterday... if you need someone to commiserate with. 
    Meal prepping for the week has helped me get away from the sandwiches. I make enough either Buffalo or hamburgers (no bun), then a bunch of veggies to go with it. Frozen tri colored cauliflower, tri colored carrots, and peas, asparagus, (steamed) and a baked potato with some avocado oil to add some fat to it. 
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    jredl reacted to Presentday in Starting Oct 14, 2019   
    Hi Jredl!
    I can relate - I'm the only one in my household of 4 as well, with a sorta-kinda supportive spouse who doesn't quite get how rigorous the whole thing is. I eat sandwiches for lunch too, but last week I brought left-over dinner instead, and I really enjoyed having a warm lunch (although it takes a little bit longer, which is a challenge with my job). I can imagine bringing chicken salad in lettuce or endive boats - that could work, and I have big plans to make some big pots of soup. So we'll see! 
    I went to your user profile and "followed" you, because I could use a buddy too - I'm worried that I don't have enough support, and this sugar dragon is a big, powerful, lifelong god of mine. Polishing my sword now and preparing to fight for my life! Good luck to you as well!
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    jredl reacted to Settyfitness in Starting Oct 14, 2019   
    Good luck to you. you have a ton of people here to support you and a ton of resources. I used to have sandwiches for lunch and my easiest solution was finding compliant deli meat (applegate turkey is what I use now) and putting it in a lettuce wrap with cucumbers, tomatoes, and mustard. Sometimes I even add a slice of Whole30 compliant bacon (which applegate also makes). In the last 2 years I mostly use the deli meat on top of a salad with a hard boiled egg and avocado to make like a cobb or chef salad. I hope this helps a little bit.