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    Hi Jredl! I can relate - I'm the only one in my household of 4 as well, with a sorta-kinda supportive spouse who doesn't quite get how rigorous the whole thing is. I eat sandwiches for lunch too, but last week I brought left-over dinner instead, and I really enjoyed having a warm lunch (although it takes a little bit longer, which is a challenge with my job). I can imagine bringing chicken salad in lettuce or endive boats - that could work, and I have big plans to make some big pots of soup. So we'll see! I went to your user profile and "followed" you, because I could use a buddy too - I'm worried that I don't have enough support, and this sugar dragon is a big, powerful, lifelong god of mine. Polishing my sword now and preparing to fight for my life! Good luck to you as well!