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  1. I am dreaming of food now... I dreamt I drove 2 hours to get pirogi and sat down to realize that I can't have it...
  2. Started yesterday... if you need someone to commiserate with. Meal prepping for the week has helped me get away from the sandwiches. I make enough either Buffalo or hamburgers (no bun), then a bunch of veggies to go with it. Frozen tri colored cauliflower, tri colored carrots, and peas, asparagus, (steamed) and a baked potato with some avocado oil to add some fat to it.
  3. So that is not totally true. I began my journey at the beginning of September. I did it consistently for two weeks and went through the headaches and bloating, then I went to a Music and Food festival where Top Chefs and Food network stars were cooking, so I went off it for 4 days, then came home and went right back on it for a week and a half, then went to New York Comic Con, and ate whatever I could get my hands on without waiting an hour in line. (I did try to keep to it as best as I could especially with snacks from Epic and Larabar). I had planned on starting it