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  1. Hey everyone...newb here. Just started as a couple of friends shared their experience with Whole30. I really want what they have enjoyed and look forward to changes for myself in and around food and the way I look at it (and eat it). Day 3 for me, still have a headache...and also noticed I am less swollen. Was not expecting that. I am super committed and look forward to getting some of this incorporated into true lifestyle change. Glad this forum is here for support and the journey.
  2. K-Dawg

    Joint Pain Day 12

    I found this thread and it seems like it applies to me. I have elbow pain that is raging. I am only on day 3 and cant pick up a 16oz glass of water with my left arm. I read the link you provided and I get it. Not sure what to really do. This is my first time with Whole30. I am not experiencing joint pain anywhere else to this magnitude. If I have tendonitis that I didn't know about, would the same apply here? Am I eating foods that are aggravating this? I already feel like I took a hacksaw to my food choices, this feels like an even deeper cut. I don't feel good, my head hurts, my arm hurts...just not happy right now. That is just me venting. I have read other posts...I know this is common...just frustrated.