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    Intro & Figuring out when to start

    Hi! I'm Nancy, I'm going to be 64 in November, and I have several health issues and probable autoimmune issues. Last Thursday my Dr. suggested doing Whole30 as an elimination diet. It's a starting point to figure out why I'm exhausted and in pain. I've ordered the books to be here by the end of this week and I've been reading this website obsessively. I have many thing to plan out before I start like how to adjust my diabetes medication, and how to incorporate my food allergies in the meal plans (oranges, blueberries, cantaloupe, eggs, shrimp, almonds, Kidney beans...), and how to fit in my husband's vegetarianism But the thing that keeps niggling at me is when to start? I could maybe be ready by November 1, but November includes my birthday, trips, and the big one: me being the cook for the family Thanksgiving. I think the fam might be OK with a different menu for the day, but we've had a set menu for 35 years and there was a revolt the last time I changed it. Does anyone start in December? I don't do much gifting at Christmas, but I have always made over 30 dozen cookies for gifting. I'm not wanting to give that up, and pretty sure I won't bake all that w/o tasting. My Husband suggested trying recipes and doing a pantry makeover and starting in January. I would like to start sooner, but I want my first 30 to be successful. I'm a little overwhelmed right now with medical issues and learning a new way of eating. If someone has advice on sorting this out, I would love to hear it. Pic is me baking with my daughter last year.