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    Did I screw up??

    This is Day 29 of my first Whole 30. I have been perfect from start until, well now. Every piece of food I have put in my mouth has been homemade with all natural, compliant ingredients. I haven't had so much as a black coffee from anywhere other than my kitchen. Clothes are looser and I feel great! Tonight, I completely spaced out. I was hungry and there was a bottle of dry roasted peanuts on the table. I somehow completely forgot I couldn't have peanuts (I know that sounds crazy). I even checked the ingredients to make sure there was no sugar or oils I couldn't have. The ingredients were peanuts and salt. I took a handful and ate them. Then my friend said to me "I thought you couldn't have peanuts?" I honestly don't know how I made such a dumb mistake. This is Day 29. I know there is an article that says that any slip requires a restart. Do I really have to go back to Day 1? I'm so proud of myself for how well I've done and SO disappointed that I made this ridiculous mistake!
  2. WholeChelle

    Did I screw up??

    Thank you. I was honestly crushed to make this mistake so far in. I had planned to stick to Whole30 in a majority of ways even after the 30 days was over but with small allowances on occasion. I will still consider this a success because I've changed my outlook on food and I'm not willing to go back to any of the really bad foods I was eating before, and perfection for 29 days has to count for something! I may just start over, but maybe not right now. It's just so hurtful to feel the pride I had felt just a few hours ago now completely sucked out of me. On Day 29! Ugh...