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    Bone broth

    Hi, @Nenag, Could you clarify what "youst extract" is, please? Thanks! ~mae
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    Hello! November 11 start

    Hello, @Puzzler!! Sorry, I missed your post somehow! How are things going? What have you been experiencing so far? Any comments or concerns? And, may I ask what your motivations are for you doing the Whole30? Anyway, welcome! Reach out should you need anything:) be well, ~mae
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    Newbie Starting TODAY Nov 15

    @Roni-Leigh yes, label reading and prep are KEY:) If you have a Costco around you, their Kirkland brand of chicken stock is compliant, and there are several brands of bone broth that are Whole30 applicable as well. I really love the Kettle & Fire bone broth, which I keep on hand for those times I cannot make my own or I run out--and I order them online, especially handy as I live in a rural area. Also, there are several grass-fed beef (and other sustainably-raised animal bones) available online...check out the Whole30 approved product list for ideas, as well as US Wellness Meats (pops up as or Thrive Market (and other suppliers) if you cannot source your beef bones locally. I'm lucky to live in a farming community that has a rich supply of grass-fed products, and the butcher at the nearest town's natural foods market will sell me bones as well. Good luck! Shout out if you need anything:) be well, ~mae
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    Hi, @RoyVer! Thanks for the heads up! I agree, the ingredients fit the compliant criteria. Does it taste nice to boot? It's always nice to find compliant products in the market place! be well, ~mae
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    Biometrics report

    @Angelia yay!! The proof is in the (compliant) pudding! And it feels good to feel so good, yes? Be well, and good food on:) ~mae
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    Newbie Starting TODAY Nov 15

    Welcome, @Roni-Leigh! It sounds as though you have set yourself up very well to begin your journey! Please reach out at any time on any of the forum categories should you need anything at all. That's what we are here for! best of everything, ~mae
  7. Hi, @Mary St! Yes! On the forum, there is a section called "Your Whole30 Log" under the COMMUNITY tab on which you can do exactly that:) Scroll on through what's been logged there to get an idea. Yay, yes! It's so nice to have people--like your brother--who can relate. Check in with us anytime as well! take care, ~mae
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    Homemade mayo.... safe?

    Hello, @Mary St! Homemade mayo is, in my opinion, the BOMB! So super easy to make and tastes way better than store-bought versions in almost every case--and, you can make a great variety of sauces & dressings from a simple base recipe. I love the easy addition of good fat to my meals! That being said, there's really no way to completely ensure that the eggs you use are uncontaminated (stats say that 1 in 20,000 eggs are contaminated), but there are ways to reduce the likelihood of getting sick from eating homemade mayo: *Buy refrigerated eggs and keep them refrigerated. Store them inside on the shelves, not in the door as the door is the warmest part of the fridge. *Wash hands and surfaces prior to & after handling raw eggs (You're probably familiar with all this--I just don't want to assume, well, anything!) *Refrigerate products made with raw eggs as soon as you make it or immediately after you eat/serve it. These are all pretty basic rules of thumb, and if you are very concerned about this, try making mayo with coddled eggs. Here's a link as to how to do this if you're not familiar with this way of preparing eggs: The website also has a recipe for homemade mayo, but it is not compliant, so I recommend using 1 whole coddled egg and 2 coddled yolks for a compliant mayo recipe that calls for 2 cups of oil. For the record, in my years of making homemade mayo, I've never had an issue with me or my family getting sick. We make a LOT of mayo at my house, and we always use it up before it turns--most homemade mayo will last a week or more in the fridge. Good luck, and reach out if you have any questions! best, ~mae
  9. Hi, @Mary St! Welcome! Is this your first round of Whole30? You sound super excited, which is awesome! As I am sure you can imagine, staying compliant during the holiday season can be a bit of a challenge (especially if there are family gatherings involved--which can result in pressure!), so I say to you: Prep, prep, prep! And be sure you have a support system, i.e., accountability partner, husband, etc. Shout out if you have any questions or whatever comes up! Will you be keeping a log of your journey? take care, ~mae
  10. @JMB2019, how are you feeling? Did you energy rebound at all? I was curious as to how you've reacted to flu shots in the past--if you've had one? Did you come down with something during this energy loss? Also, what's your sleep cycle like? Had it changed much/at all during the round/leading up to your loss of energy? I hope you're feeling better. Super curious about how this has turned out for you! best, ~mae
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    What's causing the cramping and indigestion?

    @Carolinelovrr How are you feeling? Have your digestions issues resolved at all? Looks as though you may be nearing the end of your round...what have you figured out? Inquiring minds want to know best, ~mae
  12. mae tanner

    Hi! I'm starting November 1

    So good to see you all starting up in November! @Beccaann3, best of everything for your daughter's surgery--we hope everything goes smoothly! Great plan on packing compliant food--you've probably figured out already that the key to staying on-plan is being prepared! Keep us posted, and nice work all! best, ~mae
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    Feeling betrayed....

    Hi, @Mbncb, and welcome! Ah, it is NO FUN to be in pain! So sorry to hear that you have been going through this. It sounds as though you have some great support in your journey with your new doctor, and here on the forum, there are so many places to find other levels of help. Please keep us posted (heh heh, literally!) on your progress, and chime in any time you need anything! be well, ~mae
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    frequency of sausage

    @lynnedn, you could even make your own! yum:) best, ~mae
  15. go, guy!! it's totally worth the are you feeling about the reintroduction process? any new questions or issues to address? let us know how we can help! best, ~mae
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    Hiatal hernia, mild vent

    Oh, so not fun, @Murphsmom! Let us know how you fare & keep us posted on your progress! Dealing with a chronic issue is never fun! best, ~mae
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    Bad cough

    Hi, @Trina75! While I am not a doctor or a medical professional, there are some ways to help alleviate your discomfort. I've used these myself, whether on round or not, and they do bring some relief: *try a neti pot to relieve congestion and post-nasal drip that can exacerbate coughs & discomfort *make a gargle using 8 oz warm water with 1/2 tsp sea salt dissolved in it OR brew an unsweetened raspberry leaf or hibiscus tea, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and allow to cool to warm or room temperature...gargle a few times a day with either or both to help soothe throat irritation *drink a little aloe vera juice to coat your throat and promote healing (be sure to read labels, of course:)); different brands vary on serving size, but the label on the bottle will help steer you as to how much--usually a couple of tablespoons will do. *rub a little metholated salve under your nose (not in!) or on your chest to help soothe irritation and break up congestion. I usually use deep blue because I like the smell and feel of it better than a commercial vapor rub...any blend of menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor will do *run a essential oil diffuser (if you have one) in your home and/or workspace. Healing oils such as eucalyptus, frankincense, thyme, cinnamon, oregano oil, or blends that promote clear breathing are helpful *a humidifer itself will moisten air and make the breathing easier on an irritated throat or cough-bothered system * you could make a "tent" to breathe in warm steam (with oils or not): get a hand towel and drape over your head, pour boiling water into a bowl (add any of the above oils to aid in soothing/healing), rest your elbows on the table around the bowl, lean your head over the bowl, and pull the towel over the rising steam to capture the moisture. Take long, deep breaths to pull the humid air in *warm compress: my grandmother used to get a warm-to-hot washcloth, put a little mentholatum in the cloth, and lay it over our throats or chest to bring relief *I've used a throat spray from Gaia herbs...the remedy is an alcohol-based botanical extract, much like vanilla extract or lavender, which is allowed on the program. Check it out here: It's really nice! *and, as always, get plenty of sleep and try to keep stressors low (I know, easier said than done!) Please, please take good care of yourself--and try to be kind to your heart and mind if you feel that you need to go off-plan when you are ill. A Whole30 is one way to care for oneself, of course, and meeting your needs when you are sick is another essential way. If those two things coincide, wonderful. If they do not, still wonderful, and there will be another day to start up again if you feel that that is what you need and want to do. Best of everything, ~mae