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    mae tanner got a reaction from Beccaann3 in Hi! I'm starting November 1   
    So good to see you all starting up in November! @Beccaann3, best of everything for your daughter's surgery--we hope everything goes smoothly! Great plan on packing compliant food--you've probably figured out already that the key to staying on-plan is being prepared! Keep us posted, and nice work all!
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    mae tanner got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Hello! November 11 start   
    Hello, @Puzzler!!
    Sorry, I missed your post somehow!
    How are things going? What have you been experiencing so far? Any comments or concerns?
    And, may I ask what your motivations are for you doing the Whole30?
    Anyway, welcome! Reach out should you need anything:)
    be well,
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    mae tanner got a reaction from Angelia in Biometrics report   
    @Angelia yay!! The proof is in the (compliant) pudding!
    And it feels good to feel so good, yes?
    Be well, and good food on:)
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    mae tanner reacted to Roni-Leigh in Newbie Starting TODAY Nov 15   
    Thanks @Mae for the warm welcome. It’s been good so far except I’ve already consumed some sulphites and white wine in some mustard and vinegar. I sent my husband to get the initial shopping and he didn’t think about checking the labels we had at home if they would work. He’s out now looking for a compliant beef broth or any broth. Better to make our own but finding beef bones is going to take some travel. I think once we sort out the proper ingredients I’ll be all set!
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    Hey everyone today is my first time on Whole30 and I really need it. My youngest daughter is 7 months today and just starting food. I had a diastases recti after her birth and it’s made moving around quite a slow process. I started her pregnancy carrying 10 extra pounds than I normally do and since she’s been born I’ve put on another 10 pounds , basically losing a bit of baby weight after the birth and losing none of the pregnancy weight and gaining even more. Needless to say sleep is a challenge therefore my energy is super sporadic depending on my night. Cravings for sugar and carbs and alcohol have been rampant. So I knew a big change needed to be made if I wanted my situation to change. I’ve been making changes towards eating like the program leading up to the start of the program, like no more cream and sugar in my coffee, reducing simple carbohydrates and all process foods. Cut out alcohol and reducing dairy and I’ve lost 5lbs before I even began. 
    I also just signed up for RealPlana and I think it might be the best gift I could have given to myself and my family. I am so excited it to have to manually do this task and I think it will make a huge difference in the success of the program as well as make it easier for my husband to support me. He’s basically following along wi what my meals are, adding what he wants as well as eating what he likes for his 24hr shifts as a firefighter away from home. 
    I’ve done many things in the past including the traditional elimination diet, I’ve been a raw vegan for 7 months at one point and I’ve gotten a certification as a Registered Wholistic Nutrition Consultant, but I am soo super excited for the Whole30!
    see you in there guys!
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    mae tanner got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting Sun, Nov 17 (crazy with Thanksgiving coming?) Anyone else.?   
    Hi, @Mary St!
    Yes! On the forum, there is a section called "Your Whole30 Log" under the COMMUNITY tab on which you can do exactly that:)
    Scroll on through what's been logged there to get an idea. 
    Yay, yes! It's so nice to have people--like your brother--who can relate. Check in with us anytime as well!
    take care,
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    mae tanner reacted to Mary St in Homemade mayo.... safe?   
    Thanks Maw, that makes me feel better about the mayo. I'm going to try it Sunday when I start the program!
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    mae tanner reacted to Angelia in Biometrics report   
    OH MY GOSH!!  I just got back the medical summary from our yearly health screening at my workplace.  I AM AMAZED!!  For the past 5 years I've been actively losing weight, exercising and eating better.  Each year my results have improved, but the jump in results this year is nothing short of miraculous!! 
    I'm lucky that my glucose has always been good.  My blood pressure was controlled by medication prior to 3 years ago when I lost just over 100 lb. and was able to discontinue it.  Since then it has been in range and holding steady.
    But this is the great news: 
    HDL (good) cholesterol is up 5 points.
    LDL (bad) cholesterol is down 14 points.
    Total cholesterol is down 11 points.
    Triglycerides are down 17 points.
    ALL my numbers are in the green/optimum range!!  (Except BMI...   Still working on that one.) 
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU WHOLE30!!  I AM SO HAPPY!!  I was genuinely worried that all the meat and eggs I had been eating lately might have a negative impact on my health screening results.  Silly me!!  REAL FOOD is the answer! 
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    mae tanner reacted to Angelia in Scared to go off whole30 and embrace food freedom   
    I get that, I do.  But one thing I did not count on... IS ALL THE MONEY I'VE SAVED!!  I was online paying bills lately and I was rolling in cash!!!  I was afraid I'd forgotten to pay something important so I started to look through trends from the past few months v. earlier in the year and I'm spending much, much less on food.  I'm eating MORE, eating better, feeling better, losing weight very slowly and saving money.  It's phenomenal.  I also spend more time standing up and moving around the kitchen either in prep, cooking or clean-up instead of spending that time being sedentary looking at a screen.  For me personally, I haven't missed a single thing by reducing screen time.
    I'm still mostly W30 except for sauces/condiments, breakfast meats, and wine.  OK, and the occasional REAL dessert.  But when I find myself slipping back into old habits, I take a W30 "break" for 4 - 5 days and go back 100%.  That's usually enough to make me behave again.   
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    mae tanner got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting Sun, Nov 17 (crazy with Thanksgiving coming?) Anyone else.?   
    Hi, @Mary St! Welcome!
    Is this your first round of Whole30? 
    You sound super excited, which is awesome! As I am sure you can imagine, staying compliant during the holiday season can be a bit of a challenge (especially if there are family gatherings involved--which can result in pressure!), so I say to you: Prep, prep, prep! And be sure you have a support system, i.e., accountability partner, husband, etc.
    Shout out if you have any questions or whatever comes up! Will you be keeping a log of your journey?
    take care,
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    mae tanner reacted to PATreeTrimmer in pre-/post-Whole30   
    First, I feel a lot better after the Whole30. My wife and I did it together and the support structure was very much needed, especially during the first few days when the sugar buzz was gone. My clothes fit much better and a few pieces too loose!
    My weight went from 274 to 255 lbs., and my BMI from 35.1 to 32.7. While still too high, I feel confident that I have some control over my weight and will work to continue this trend through diet and exercise. My blood pressure (medicated) has went down as well. That's a bit trickier as I'm also studying tai chi.
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    mae tanner reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Day 17: Monday, October 2
    Meal 1: leftover turkey breakfast hash with apples and sweet potato (I wasn’t able to eat more than a few bites before I felt like I was going to vomit)
    Snack: one snack pack Justin’s almond butter; ½ GT’s Trilogy kombucha  
    Meal 2: leftover chicken curry with golden potatoes, yellow onion, and Thai curry sauce; ½ GT’s Trilogy kombucha  
    Meal 3: smoked pulled pork with Tessemae’s BBQ sauce; leftover arugula salad with beets, english cucumber, celery, green onion, and avocado; dressing drizzled on top made with olive oil, lemon, salt, and pepper
    Water Intake: ~100 oz
    Supplement(s): Natural Calm dissolved in water before bed
    Sleep Last Night: 5 hours 50 minutes (2:46 deep; 2:46 light; 0:18 awake)
    Thoughts/Reflections: We saw It last night and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I always, always, always bring candy to the movie theater and I found myself realizing how strongly I associated going to the movie with having candy as we were preparing to leave. But, it really wasn’t that bad.
    My eating schedule was terrible today. I hardly ate any breakfast because it did not taste good at all and I almost gagged trying to eat it. I literally had a handful of bites. Then, I didn’t have time to eat lunch until 5:00 pm. I still ate a third meal though, but that was late and I went to bed feeling quite full.
    I think I’m going to try and have some form of salad everyday for the remainder of my Whole30. Despite that I’m eating lots of vegetables and good foods, I think I need more leafy greens. Fingers crossed that this change will help some of those NSVs start to manifest!
    Oh, and I fantasize about the desserts I’m going to make when this is over. I’m not planning to rush out and buy my standard tub of Rocky Road ice cream, but I am most definitely going to try some healthier variations of the things I love! I cannot wait! That’s probably not a good attitude…
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    mae tanner reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Day 11: Monday, September 25
    Meal 1: three over-easy eggs pan-cooked in avocado oil; oven roasted garlic cabbage; remaining 2/3 GT’s Hibiscus Ginger kombucha
    Exercise: 30-minute walk over my lunch break
    Meal 2: one can Wild Planet tuna with mayo, chopped onion, chopped bell pepper, chopped cilantro, lime, and ground pepper; served over a bed of raw spinach
    Pre-Workout Meal: 2 hard-boiled eggs
    Exercise: 50-minute, 3.54 mile trail run (five minute warmup, ten repeats of 3:00 min jogging and 1:15 min walking, ten minute cooldown)
    Post-Workout Meal: snack pack of compliant turkey (I’m trying to do without the post-workout carbs as I’m overweight but I’ll monitor how I feel without them as I increase my exercise in the coming weeks)
    Meal 3: baked salmon with Spice Cave Sea spices; brussel sprouts pan-cooked in ghee; butternut squash pan-cooked in avocado oil
    Water Intake:  ~130oz
    Thoughts/Reflections: This is starting to feel somewhat normal and routine. Honestly, I don’t have any specific feelings about today. It kinda just felt like life.
    On a happy note, my fiancé said today that he wants to try Whole30 when I’m done! That makes me so very happy as I want both of us to be 70 years old and happy and healthy and enjoying all the outdoors things we love! He doesn’t typically put much stock into eating well so I was surprised but so, so happy!
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    mae tanner reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Day 9: Sunday, September 24
    Meal 1: leftover breakfast hash with smoked pulled pork, Japanese sweet potato, zucchini, orange bell pepper, spinach, Tessemae’s Hot Buffalo Sauce, salt, and pepper cooked in ghee; 1/3 GT’s Gingerade kombucha 
    Pre-Workout Meal: N/A (I ate breakfast right before I hiked so it didn’t seem like I should eat anything else)
    Exercise: 4.2 mile hike with ~800 feet of elevation gain
    Post-Workout Meal: snack pack of compliant turkey (the hike wasn’t that intense so I didn’t feel the need to add any carbs, particularly since I’m overweight)
    Meal 2: grilled hamburger patty with Spice Cave Land Spice seasoning mixed into the patty and Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo and onion on top and served between two romaine leaves; homemade guacamole
    Meal 3: homemade crab cakes pan-cooked in ghee; broccoli; 1/2 pineapple strawberry La Croix 
    Water Intake: no idea again, but still didn’t feel like enough, although closer  
    Thoughts/Reflections: Today was a pretty good day. I walked down the ice cream aisle for the first time and it wasn’t that awful. I’ll call that progress. I’m still not noticing anything in the way my body feels. So far, the only NSVs I can claim are that I/m managing my cravings and increasing the ease with which I make Whole30 meals.
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    mae tanner reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Day 4: Tuesday, September 18
    Meal 1: two chicken sausages pan-cooked in avocado oil; french beans (which are apparently a variety of green bean) pan-cooked in ghee; kraut
    Meal 2: orange chicken over cauliflower rice; steamed broccoli (once again, this was a small meal because I couldn’t eat all of it; some of the chicken was freezer-burned and tasted revolting but I couldn’t bring myself to throw away an otherwise perfectly good meal); pineapple strawberry La Croix
    Snack: one hard-boiled egg; one snack pack Justin’s almond butter (I’m trying really hard not to snack but I had a work happy hour with drinks and appetizers and I did not want to be tempted to eat there so I indulged a bit)
    Meal 3: grilled bison patty with ½ strip bacon and Spice Cave Land Spice seasoning mixed into the patty and Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo, onion, and avocado on top and served between two romaine leaves; cherry tomatoes on the side (this meal was absolutely delicious!)  
    Water Intake: ~100oz
    Thoughts/Reflections: The struggle is real. Eating a large breakfast early in the morning sucks. It took me about 30 minutes to gag my meal down and I definitely didn’t have time for that. It isn’t that I didn’t like it – it was actually really good – it’s just hard for me to eat early. I think I might consider making my breakfast in the morning and taking it to work to eat at my desk.
    On a good note, meal prepping is getting easier. I cooked up my chicken sausage and green beans for this morning, some butternut squash for a post-workout snack tomorrow, and some brussel sprouts for dinner tomorrow, all this morning in about 30 minutes! Yay me! The downside is that I did this instead of a workout. With my long work hours and commute, it’s hard to find time for it all!
    I also attended a work-sponsored happy hour with appetizers and drinks at a fancy local restaurant. I ate a snack before going and it really wasn’t all that hard to just say “no” to everything. That felt easier to me than asking a million questions about food compliance, which seemed inappropriate for a sponsored work lunch with executives… Yay me!
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    mae tanner reacted to Amura in Scared to go off whole30 and embrace food freedom   
    I personally believe that the cooking and the cleaning are essential.
    Might be bothersome, but essential nonetheless.
    Because if you rely heavily on eating out and/or highly processed foods, it's way way harder to eat heathly (Whole30-ish or not).
    On the "whole30-ish forever" subject, I recall the book mentions it as an option but I believe it's a very personal choice.
    You may have noticed huge changes and are not ready to give up on the Whole30 as yet, so it's ok if you keep going, it's also ok if you decide to reintroduce just a few foods and otherwise stay whole30-ish... but it's also ok if you don't.
    I personally did not notice any reaction to any type of food, so I don't see the point in keeping the strict limitations. BUT I've learned some things about how I eat, why I overeat, what triggers some bad habits, and I'm using all those lessons in my everyday food choices.
    So, yeah, I eat diferently than I did before my Whole30, but I do not eat Whole30-ish at all. That's my food freedom, which may be completely different to everybody else.
    And if we notice that we go back to old habits, we can always go back to what we know works well, hopefully learning a new lesson and changing yet another food-related habit.
    That's the beauty of Whole30: it's fully customized.
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    mae tanner reacted to SugarcubeOD in Working an Odd Schedule and Whole 30   
    Welcome!  If you google 'whole30 shift work' you'll get a multi-part article on the Whole30 site as well as other forum threads with the same subject.  There are lots of shift/night workers who have done the program and I'm sure you'll find lots of tips on those previous threads.  You can also go have a look at nom nom paleo who is a friend of Whole30 ( as she used to be a night shift pharmacist for a hospital and she talks a lot about how she navigated food and the night shift.
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    mae tanner reacted to Beccaann3 in Hi! I'm starting November 1   
    Day 12. Best thing that I did was sign up for Real Plan and get the Whole30 Day By Day book.
    The cravings were real this weekend, so I kept myself busy with laundry and vacuuming and reorganizing my daughter's room.  She's having surgery tomorrow - I need to make sure to pack compliant foods while in the waiting room.
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    mae tanner reacted to Susan Yoshimura in Hi! I'm starting November 1   
    I'm starting on Nov. 1st too--easy way to count the days in a month with 30 days! Plus I wanted to do this before the end-of-year holidays present challenges. I'm 48, experiencing peri-menopause and have gained a lot of weight in the last year. I just want to feel healthy and vibrant again.
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    mae tanner reacted to Murphsmom in Hi! I'm starting November 1   
    Hi Becca, I'm starting on Nov 1st as well and am hoping to resolve some chronic pain issues by the end of the first 30 days. I know dropping sugar does great things for me.. but then i started eating it again and am looking forward to resetting my thinking
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    mae tanner reacted to Beccaann3 in Hi! I'm starting November 1   
    I'm Becca and I am new. I am committing to starting November 1 - and know that Thanksgiving is going to occur on my 28th day
    I have done WAY harder things (been a living liver donor/ had a hysterectomy), but it's a bout of unexplained hives that led my doctor to steer me toward this. I've been doing Beachbody portion fix for a year or so; I've had success, but I haven't really changed the way that I think about food, in the way that my first few days of reading Whole30 will probably lead me to.
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    mae tanner reacted to Niss6575 in Starting October 21st. Anyone else? Also, I’m looking for insight on the reintroduction piece of this journey!   
    Guess not. I hear crickets. Lol
    Long day. Just heading to bed. A little tough watching football tonight and not having a drink. Chamomile tea's not the same.
    What was your diet like before Whole30? They say the "worse" it was, the more you suffer the 1st few days. I've never really felt a lot of the things on the timeline, although I'm not gonna lie...I am pretty gassy the last couple days. Lol. (TMI - I know.) Hope its my gut digestion getting back on track. And I'm always moody, ask my teens. Hahahha.
    My boyfriend is sensitive to gluten, dairy, eggs and peanuts, so as a general rule, we steer clear of most of that stuff. Well...he does totally. I do mostly out of solidarity and b/c I generally eat lower carb b/c of my family's genetic predisposition to diabetes. 
    Have you ever run a full marathon before? I've done 2. I think I'm done. I just don't have it in my to run that far anymore. I've considered triathlons in the past. I have a bike, but haven't ridden in years, and I'm not a strong swimmer. Plus, I loathe cold water. Lol. But it honestly does sound intriguing. I run with a group of 6-8 women. We do all sorts of stuff together. If ONE of them would do it with me, I'd try...once. 7 of us run this race each year called Seneca7. It's a 77.7 mile relay race around Seneca Lake. It take about 12 hours. It's a crazy day, but super fun. We plan to do it 7x, each of us taking a different leg each time. That way we will all have effectively run around the entire lake ourselves. This April will be our 5th time.
    Anyway, I'm rambling. Off to bed. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. With NO headache! Day 4 done. 
    Onward we go!