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  1. Hey y'all so I'm in my second week of Whole 30 (day 11 to be exact) and for some reason the past 2 days i have been feeling sick (nauseous), irritable, and constantly hungry. I haven't been having this problem at all and my meals haven't really changed substantially. I am assuming this is all part of the whole body detox part of the Whole 30 but 'm only concerned because it's starting to affect me at work. Is this normal? Am I going crazy? Is the change in my eating habits (which were atrocious before i started) the reason I keep biting my boyfriend's head off? My meals have been pretty consistent (all Whole 30 compliant ingredients of course): Some combination of bacon, eggs, or banana pancakes for breakfast, leftovers from the previous nights dinner or a salad for lunch. And some sort of Whole 30 instant pot recipe I find on pinterest for dinner. And of Course plenty of water. Is it normal to feel like this? How long does it usually last?
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    Starting October 28

    I started yesterday too! This is my first Whole 30 :)
  3. Hi! my name is Allison and me and my roommate started Whole30 this morning She has done the program before so i kind of lucked up with getting an accountabili-buddy and someone who already knows the program all in one! i'm so very excited and nervous at the same time. I've heard some success stories and she tells me the benefits she got out of the program (more energy, better digestion, etc) so I think that's why I am so excited (not counting the MUCH needed weight loss). But, i'm still nervous I've always struggled to stick to well anything really which i know having a household on the same program will be a MAJOR benefit to this program. I also have a problem with getting discouraged when I don't see progress so not weighing during the next 30 days is gonna be HARD. And I've talked to my roommate about being nervous but when she asks why I'm nervous (to try and come up with a solution) I can't give her a reason so I myself don't know. Could just be the new program and not knowing what to expect. Could be the fear of being put in a situation without her (when my boss decides he wants to provide breakfast/lunch/cookies for the office) and not knowing what to do. But "NO" seems like my new favorite word. So I guess I'm just looking for tips and tricks to set my mind at ease. I'm super excited to start this new journey and see where it takes me. and most of all I'm excited to see a mental change when it comes to my approach to food. Thanks in advance for any kinds words or help anyone can give<3