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    So good to see you all starting up in November! @Beccaann3, best of everything for your daughter's surgery--we hope everything goes smoothly! Great plan on packing compliant food--you've probably figured out already that the key to staying on-plan is being prepared! Keep us posted, and nice work all!
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    Day 12. Best thing that I did was sign up for Real Plan and get the Whole30 Day By Day book.
    The cravings were real this weekend, so I kept myself busy with laundry and vacuuming and reorganizing my daughter's room.  She's having surgery tomorrow - I need to make sure to pack compliant foods while in the waiting room.
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    Beccaann3 got a reaction from mae tanner in Hi! I'm starting November 1   
    I'm Becca and I am new. I am committing to starting November 1 - and know that Thanksgiving is going to occur on my 28th day
    I have done WAY harder things (been a living liver donor/ had a hysterectomy), but it's a bout of unexplained hives that led my doctor to steer me toward this. I've been doing Beachbody portion fix for a year or so; I've had success, but I haven't really changed the way that I think about food, in the way that my first few days of reading Whole30 will probably lead me to.
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    Vanilla extract is fine - we are going to change that last article, thank you for catching our oversight!
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    Hi, @Yepa! Just to let you know, the daily emails no longer exist. Instead, there is a Whole30 Day By Day book, which has daily tips and room for journaling.