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    Beccaann3 got a reaction from mae tanner in Hi! I'm starting November 1   
    Day 12. Best thing that I did was sign up for Real Plan and get the Whole30 Day By Day book.
    The cravings were real this weekend, so I kept myself busy with laundry and vacuuming and reorganizing my daughter's room.  She's having surgery tomorrow - I need to make sure to pack compliant foods while in the waiting room.
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    Beccaann3 got a reaction from mae tanner in Hi! I'm starting November 1   
    I'm Becca and I am new. I am committing to starting November 1 - and know that Thanksgiving is going to occur on my 28th day
    I have done WAY harder things (been a living liver donor/ had a hysterectomy), but it's a bout of unexplained hives that led my doctor to steer me toward this. I've been doing Beachbody portion fix for a year or so; I've had success, but I haven't really changed the way that I think about food, in the way that my first few days of reading Whole30 will probably lead me to.
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    Beccaann3 reacted to ladyshanny in Vanilla Extract - compliant or not?   
    Vanilla extract is fine - we are going to change that last article, thank you for catching our oversight!
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    Beccaann3 reacted to ShannonM816 in Starting October 1   
    Hi, @Yepa! Just to let you know, the daily emails no longer exist. Instead, there is a Whole30 Day By Day book, which has daily tips and room for journaling. 
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    Beccaann3 reacted to ShannonM816 in What level of exercise deserves pre-post workout meals?   
    Pre-wo is most important if it's been several hours since you ate -- for instance, working out first thing in the morning, or working out after work when you haven't eaten since lunch time. If you aren't hungry and feel okay during your workouts without it, it's okay not to have it.
    Post-wo is a little different, in that it can help aid muscle recovery, so it may be more important after strength training than it would be after cardio. This article explains a little more about that: Even this is somewhat variable for each person, though. If you're eating starchy vegetables with meals, your post-workout may just be a few bites of lean protein. If you're not eating starchy vegetables with meals, you may also need some with your post-workout. And on days when you just do cardio or just do yoga, you may not need pre or post at all, but if you find you're not recovering well, if you're getting more and more tired and worn out over time, you can try adding them.
    For whole30 purposes, it's not really about calories, it's about giving your body the fuel it needs to perform and to recover.