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    Coffeelover99 reacted to littleg in Whole 30 Journal - Weeks 1 and 2   
    @Coffeelover99  It sounds like you've recognized that a little bit of balance goes a long way!  There was an instagram post today from Renaissance Periodization about how there are up to 11 meals between Thanksgiving and New Years that could be "problematic".  But so many people are like: screw it, it is the holidays, I'm eating whatever.   This post really resonated with me because I'm definitely in the f-it camp and this perspective really highlights how just a handful of meals shouldn't be the reason to throw all self-restraint out the window.  I remember reading a statistic once that most "annual" weight gain actually occurs during the holidays (and is just never lost) and accumulates year after year.  But that doesn't have to be the case if people approached it more like it sounds you are

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    Coffeelover99 reacted to scoakley13 in Whole 30 Journal - Weeks 1 and 2   
    I started a Whole30 the Monday before Thanksgiving last year and went all the way through Valentine's Day (my boyfriend's birthday) and it was awesome! I encourage you to go for it!
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    Coffeelover99 reacted to TriciaLeigh in Whole 30 Journal - Weeks 1 and 2   
    I was hoping to find some others that were starting during the holiday. I’ve reached out to a coach and she urged me to really think about if I wanted to start this time of year. My gut is telling me YES do it! But my logical brain is saying maybe you should just wait. But you know I think I’m just going to go for it! CoffeeLover and LittleG did you already start?
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    Coffeelover99 got a reaction from littleg in Whole 30 Journal - Weeks 1 and 2   
    @littlegI love this, it’s so true. Thanksgiving is over, leftovers are almost gone and I’m ready to get back on track. No reason to wait until January, and my body is confirming that!