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  1. @ladyshanny I do have a question about reintroduction next week. Should I start it as planned, after Day 30 on Tuesday? Or continue Whole 30 until I start to see more positive results? I believe I am at a place that I could still potentially see a difference, should a food cause any sort of abnormal reaction. Thanks again. PS - props to anyone who made it through Halloween! We had 600+ trick or treaters, so about 1000+ peices of candy just....THERE....!! I survived and I'm shocked.
  2. Ah, good to know about the nuts! I will have to start looking at diy sauces/dressings, etc. or maybe tossing the vegetables in oil or ghee after cooking? And embrace more olives!! Thank you very much. Like I said, I love cooking and this has been a wonderful, welcomed challenge! You are so sweet for helping me out, thank you so much.
  3. I will also attach some photos of my meals. 1. Sausage, potatoes, kale & cashews (realizing now it's not enough food) 2. Sausage, potatoes, broccoli, kale & cashews (a little better) 3. 3 sausage links, veg mix of potatoes, sweet potato, carrot, bell peppers - topped with about another sausage's worth of flaked salmon, asparagus & about 1/4 cup of guacamole
  4. Great advice! Thank you! I really appreciate your insight. I do try to eat within an hour of waking up, despite a lack of appetite in the morning. I try push through it because I am really not that hungry in the morning (we also eat around 5:30pm, so I go a pretty long time without a meal.) I don't currently do it, but does adding fat to your coffee count? I could add coconut oil / ghee to my coffee pretty easily. I am feeling very comfortable going 4-5 hours without meals. The food around workouts are a very good point. That is something I often forget...I just try to squeeze the workout in when I can and proper pre and re-fueling are bypassed (you know, back to the kids! haha). Water is remembered, food is not. The salads I do try to beef up with fresh veggies. I like to cut up the lettuce into bite size bites (so it's not just a big plate of leafy greens). I would gladly add more roasted vegetables to them or replace with them, especially this time of year as I tend to get pretty sick of salads when it starts to get colder. Sleep is ok...I try to get 8-9 hours, but it's a little tricky. The little one often wakes up in the middle of the night 2-3x week. I am aware my body needs 9+ hours of sleep, but I average between 7-8. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I am on R1D23. I am thoroughly enjoying the food. I have no complaints about being bored or struggling to find meal ideas. Mentally, this has been actually going really well. I enjoy a good challenge and love when things make me think of food differently (I am a chef, I think about food ALL the time!). However, physically I am feeling a little discouraged. I don't have any chronic ailments. My doctor says that I am in perfect health and the reason for feeling so "blah" is simply being a mom (I have two young boys). I GET that. But, before doing this I started cutting out gluten and dairy and about 6 months ago really picked up my workout routines again (knowing it would improve my physical health and mental health). I go to bed early, meditate occasionally, etc. tried everything to fight the fatigue and general grumpiness that ensues because of that. Nothing seemed to help. And then I started the Whole 30! (Before doing Whole 30 I maintained a very healthy diet...so it's not like I was starting from a major sugar/carb addiction. I do love chocolate and wine though!) I can tell that I have lost weight. Photos show major differences...tying into working out more, the food choices are working in the right direction. But I still feel "blah". I have not experienced any real increase in energy. I long to wake up refreshed and ready to go and that increased focus I keep hearing about. I love eating this way, I have no intent on changing that. I am wondering if I am doing some things wrong due to my lifestyle or maybe there are other food triggers. For example, on a day that I had a 2-3 egg breakfast and then had the same for lunch I crashed HARD. I was so tired in the afternoon and napped. I assumed it was part of the process and just kept going (this was about day 15). Then I got to thinking, maybe it's the eggs. I eat eggs A LOT...before and during Whole 30. So I took them out for a few days, just did "hash" type breakfasts and while I still felt a little tired, I felt less bloated. This morning (Day 23) I had 2-3 baked eggs and tonight I am bloated and physically feeling gross again for the first time in awhile...could be a number of things, I could be getting into my own head - which is why I am here. Some meal samples - (with eggs) 2-3 egg frittata with potatoes (red or sweet), sausage, peppers, tomatoes, other veggies from the dinner before + 1/4 cup guacamole & homemade fermented hot sauce (without egg) 1/4# sausage, potatoes, onions, broccoli, kale - cashews or guacamole salmon, 1-2 cups asparagus, 1/2 cup baked carrots, green salad with peppers, tomatoes & olives & olive oil and vinegar dressing steak (fist and a half probably), potatoes, brussels sprouts, green salad with peppers & olives & olive oil and vinegar dressing pork chops (1 large), homemade (no sugar!) applesauce 1/4 c, brussels sprouts, green salad peppers & olives & olive oil and vinegar dressing Drinking lots of water - barely any snacking - coffee in the morning - kombucha occasionally 3-5x a week I run 2-3 miles or take a 30-45 min spin class I know I am eating a lot and seeing physical differences while doing so (which I find fascinating!). Maybe I am still not eating enough? Thank you for reading my long winded post...looking forward to the last week and any tips you might have to make it a good one!