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  1. @Murphsmomfor sure! I definitely will be contacting you. Thanks so much!
  2. It was great! I got a headache this evening but it might’ve been more sleep deprivation than sugar deprivation. Or maybe both lol. Either way, I fixed my mindset after I read your amazing comment and I am ready to tackle the next 30 days
  3. Judes, hows it going? Did you complete your Whole 30?
  4. Hi all! After lots of tummy issues since August, I’ve decided to commit to doing Whole30 for the first time. Im nervous because my birthday and Thanksgiving are this month. I’m also extremely scared of failing. I’m pretty sure that if I slip and have to start all over, I’ll just quit the program because I’ve tried every program under the sun for weight loss and nothing as worked. I’m excited to have this forum as a resource along with social media and YouTube. So this might be the game changer. No one is doing this with me so I’ll be looking for accountability and encouragement here. Here goes