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    Day 20. Saturday, November 30.
    When I was first starting, a lot of my mental energy went into thinking about the program, and it was easier to journal. I actually really like doing this, which is funny, It is one of those activities that is recommended for a 'happy' life, like sleep, giving, meditation. I never tried journaling because I disliked keeping a diary when I was young, but it is very different as an adult. Regardless, I am noticing that because the diet is not in my head as much, I don't remember to come into the forum until I am getting ready for bed, and I am tired. This doesn't really leave any time for reviewing the day, which is what I like best about it. Going forward, I think I will try and make journaling a scheduled part of my day, instead of trying to squeeze it in. 
    No restless leg issues. 
    M1: Creamy Tuscan Chicken, twice-baked potato
    M2: 4-hour salad
    M3: Creamy Tuscan Chicken, twice-baked potato. That's the last of it.
    Day 21. Sunday, December 30.
    No restless leg issues. 
    M1: salmon, butternut squash, roasted cabbage
    M2: 4-hour salad
    M3: Paleo Zuppa Toscana
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    Thanks for the recipes!  
    In terms of ginger and stuffiness... My mom did it, her mom did it... so now I just do it too  If you like science maybe you'll enjoy this.  Maybe it is the anti-inflammatory nature that helps?  
    I think one of the most useful things about journaling is what you just noticed.  It reminds you to pay attention to some of the less obvious changes that might result from a nutritional change!
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    Day 19. Friday, November 29.
    I opened up the forum last night to post, but I was just so tired, I decided to go to sleep instead. Posting this the 11/30. Traveled home after the holiday, did a walking tour that covered about 5.5 miles, had to perform a rather involved favor for my roommate that took a couple of hours. The schedule did not allow a lot of down-time, so eating opportunities were limited. I had breakfast at 12, lunch at 7, dinner at 10.
    My first noticeable NSV: I was expecting my hip to hurt after that tour and to limp for a few days, but feeling pretty good. Maybe a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10- don’t even notice it unless I mentally probe for it.
    No restless leg issues. I like this journaling business- it reminds me to make a note even for the days where I don’t notice.
    M1: salmon and avocumato jumble
    M2: Creamy Tuscan Chicken, twice-baked potato, roasted cabbage w cashew butter
    M3: Creamy Tuscan Chicken, twice-baked potato
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    Puzzler got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in It's Time To Slay The Sugar Dragon   
    I really like your if/then and emergency food planning. Smart!
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    If you live near a Whole Foods they Sell Life-flo brand topical magnesium and if you keep your receipt you can return it if you don't find it helpful.   I've taken oral magnesium for years and really find the topical helps with the cramps more.  It burns when you put it on so I spray it on the soles of my feet and then stick my feet into plastic bags for 20 minutes But it is worth the trouble for me... and I'm pretty lazy
    Hope you start to feel better soon - any access to good chicken stock? 
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    Puzzler reacted to bevmouse in Back after a long break   
    I love to cook a whole chicken in my instant pot, it gives me multiple meals and as a bonus i can make stock for soup. 
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    Puzzler got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Back after a long break   
    Welcome back! What are your favorite recipes? 
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    Puzzler reacted to Amura in Puzzler’s log   
    You are doing very well!
    These are the worst days, the most likely ones to want to give up - so congrats on keeping up!
    You mention calories. I don't know much about that. But your meals might be a bit light on proteins perhaps?
    I'm assuming salad smoothies are only veggies, and I'm not sure that bubbles & squeak dish (amusing name btw) have enough proteins either.
    Remember to have 1-2 palm-sized portions of proteins in your meals and don't forget about fats either! 
    Also smoothies are not a great meal choices.
    Drinking your meals is not the same as eating them, so whenever possible choose eating your veggies without blending them.
    But, most important of all: Keep it up!  
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    Puzzler reacted to Elizabeth33 in Hello! November 11 start   
    I am glad things are going well
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    Puzzler got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Hello! November 11 start   
    Hi, @mae tanner!
    Thank you for the welcome! Oddly and unexpectedly, the going has been good! I have been feeling very 'normal' overall, even though I was expecting all kinds of emotional befuddlement.
    I initially looked into Whole30 after a friend talked about how much she & her husband liked it, but I guess the reason I actually started because I wanted to gain some control over my food choices. I have been wanting to lose weight, it's true, but I was having a hard time defining what my own eating rules should be. I liked 1) the idea of having this kind of food discipline for 30 days and seeing how I feel, 2) the ability to give different foods an audition, if you will, to see if they are truly things I want to have in my life, and 3) the flexibility to make these choices and changes on my own schedule.
    It's like a big food experiment! That's awesome! How can anyone say no to that?
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    Puzzler got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Hello! November 11 start   
    I just wanted to say hello! I’ve been testing out a modified Whole30 for a few weeks and reading the forum. Ready to do the full program now. Spent the day prepping for a successful week, and thought I would end the day by browsing here and saying Hello!
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    Puzzler reacted to tamcot68 in Back Acne   
    Completed Whole 30 in March and have stuck to the program 90% of April one of the biggest changes I noticed..for years I have horrible ugly back acne this week I noticed that it has completely cleared up. 
    I can now feel just a little less self conscious in a swimsuit this summer 
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    Puzzler reacted to Travel_lady in A skeptic is convinced!   
    My doctor asked me to do a Whole30 to try to solve a number of health concerns. I work in the food industry and was highly skeptical of a diet that eliminates whole grains and legumes.  
    But I have tried so many diets and techniques and I kept gaining weight and suffering from migraines, so I agreed to do this.   Today is my last day and I just got off the scale - down 14 pounds!
    And I haven’t had a migraine in 30 days, after having them weekly for the past two years. 
    I miss legumes but I also wonder if they contribute to my health issues.  I will pay special attention to this food group on reintroduction.  
     Today I will savor the happiness and health I am feeling.  I can’t wait to go back to my doctor and talk about what’s next.  I have a feeling there will be more Whole30s in my future, and I’m totally ok with that!
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    Puzzler reacted to Prairie Dawn in My favorite NSV   
    Oh man, I love this NSV!  I'm also 34 and have done a whole30 before and this was the major thing that I noticed - not only did my face clear up, but the ever-present breakouts on my BACK cleared up, which I'd basically resigned myself to having forever!
    Looking forward to this hopefully happening again, I start my next round on September 2!
    Thanks for sharing I love how you mention treating your body with respect, too.
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    Puzzler reacted to mlombardi in Day 18 & I could be falling apart!   
    Thanks, Shannon,
    I did have pain before I started. Looking at my food diary I do see that I am eating a lot of potatoes and tomato sauce, which are both nightshades... I'll try cutting back on them.  It just seems to be worse this week....IDK. But seriously, just putting it out there made me feel better mentally. I don't normally share