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    Laura Miller reacted to Mary St in Starting Sun, Nov 17 (crazy with Thanksgiving coming?) Anyone else.?   
    I'm going to do it! Starting on Sunday, Nov 17. Perhaps a little nuts with Thanksgiving coming, but if I wait until after the holiday, I feel like I'd give myself an excuse to gorge. And I have been waiting long enough. About four years ago I started paying much more attention to what I ate. Not how much, but the quality of food. Cut way back on processed food and focused on real, whole, healthy food. This past year we bought a house, which needed a bunch of updating.  We got very lazy with our eating and am enjoying my "relax at the end if a long day wine" ... alot. I see and feel the results in my weight, joints, focus...  everything. I see it in my husband as well. Time to change that. So sunday is the day. Anyone else going to embark on this journey then? I'd love a Whole30 buddy.