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  1. Thanks @Mae for the warm welcome. It’s been good so far except I’ve already consumed some sulphites and white wine in some mustard and vinegar. I sent my husband to get the initial shopping and he didn’t think about checking the labels we had at home if they would work. He’s out now looking for a compliant beef broth or any broth. Better to make our own but finding beef bones is going to take some travel. I think once we sort out the proper ingredients I’ll be all set!
  2. Hey everyone today is my first time on Whole30 and I really need it. My youngest daughter is 7 months today and just starting food. I had a diastases recti after her birth and it’s made moving around quite a slow process. I started her pregnancy carrying 10 extra pounds than I normally do and since she’s been born I’ve put on another 10 pounds , basically losing a bit of baby weight after the birth and losing none of the pregnancy weight and gaining even more. Needless to say sleep is a challenge therefore my energy is super sporadic depending on my night. Cravings for sugar and carbs and alco