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    Thanks @Mae for the warm welcome. It’s been good so far except I’ve already consumed some sulphites and white wine in some mustard and vinegar. I sent my husband to get the initial shopping and he didn’t think about checking the labels we had at home if they would work. He’s out now looking for a compliant beef broth or any broth. Better to make our own but finding beef bones is going to take some travel. I think once we sort out the proper ingredients I’ll be all set!
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    Roni-Leigh got a reaction from mae tanner in Newbie Starting TODAY Nov 15   
    Hey everyone today is my first time on Whole30 and I really need it. My youngest daughter is 7 months today and just starting food. I had a diastases recti after her birth and it’s made moving around quite a slow process. I started her pregnancy carrying 10 extra pounds than I normally do and since she’s been born I’ve put on another 10 pounds , basically losing a bit of baby weight after the birth and losing none of the pregnancy weight and gaining even more. Needless to say sleep is a challenge therefore my energy is super sporadic depending on my night. Cravings for sugar and carbs and alcohol have been rampant. So I knew a big change needed to be made if I wanted my situation to change. I’ve been making changes towards eating like the program leading up to the start of the program, like no more cream and sugar in my coffee, reducing simple carbohydrates and all process foods. Cut out alcohol and reducing dairy and I’ve lost 5lbs before I even began. 
    I also just signed up for RealPlana and I think it might be the best gift I could have given to myself and my family. I am so excited it to have to manually do this task and I think it will make a huge difference in the success of the program as well as make it easier for my husband to support me. He’s basically following along wi what my meals are, adding what he wants as well as eating what he likes for his 24hr shifts as a firefighter away from home. 
    I’ve done many things in the past including the traditional elimination diet, I’ve been a raw vegan for 7 months at one point and I’ve gotten a certification as a Registered Wholistic Nutrition Consultant, but I am soo super excited for the Whole30!
    see you in there guys!