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  1. Welcome to the Whole30 forum, Nigel! The forum and community were super helpful to me during my 2 Whole30 rounds. Hope you find some great new breakfast recipes to replace your porridge. Best of luck! Kay
  2. Wow John, sounds like you have seen some major benefits from Whole30/60. Congrats!
  3. Hi EllenMG, Welcome to the Whole30 program and forum! I've completed 2 rounds and found this forum so helpful. It's such a great way to connect with the Whole30 community. That's great you're considering working with a coach! Here is the list of coaches. You can browse their bios and find their contact info here. https://coach.whole30.com/coaches/ When is your start date? Kay
  4. Hi TEwhole30, This is a belated reply but the list you provided is not an official Whole30 resource. Legumes are not Whole30 compatible. Here is the vegetarian shopping list with the disclaimer that it has some animal products for pescatarians/vegetarians but can be used by vegans too. https://whole30.com/downloads/book-shopping-list-veg.pdf Hope this helps!
  5. Hi David E, From what I can tell, this is Whole30 compatible. The L-ascorbic acid is just vitamin C, calcium carbonate is calcium, etc. Under "other ingredients" it says "none." This is where there are usually non-compatible ingredients listed, like dextrose, corn starch, etc. Hope you are feeling a little better today, welcome to Day 4! Kay
  6. Hi AndreaElizabeth, Here's a helpful article written by Melissa about whether you should start over or not. https://whole30.com/start-over/ It depends on what your goals are for this round. If it is to kick a sugar dragon, then you might consider starting over. If not and sugar was the only non-compatible ingredient in the pistachios, it might be ok to continue on. Especially since you have a vacation planned that would interrupt your Whole30 round if you had to start over. Hope this helps. Kay
  7. Hi Angiesadler, Check the ingredients on the almond butter, there are some with just almonds and salt, in which case an apple with almond butter is Whole30 compatible. Hope this helps! Kay
  8. Hi StacyFreese! I agree with Miss T The Tarot Reader, I wouldn't personally reset for that, especially given the circumstances that if you extended you would interrupt the end of your Whole30 with your wedding. It seems more important that you have adequate time to finish the whole30 elimination phase and reintroduction before your wedding. That being said, here's a great resource about whether to start over or not. https://whole30.com/start-over/#:~:text=Don't start over because,So see that commitment through. The issue with kombucha is whether there is added sugar or not. Unfortunately,
  9. Hey Sholmes, There are so many factors in Food Freedom and life in general that could cause exhaustion. Stress or lack of consistent sleep could contribute. Moving off the meal template, not eating enough food or enough fat/carbs could also contribute. You could try going back to the structure of the meal template for three meals a day to see if that helps. If you've stopped reading labels, you might also be unknowingly consuming non-Whole30 compatible ingredients. Maybe there's maltodextrin (aka sugar) in your popcorn or soybean oil in your cashews. Lastly, I find that quantity/frequency
  10. Good to know! I love the idea of the jar of tomato paste that can be used multiple times, I feel like I waste so much with the cans. I often get heartburn from tomato products, so I wonder if the pulp without citric acid would be better for me. I'll have to check it out next time I'm at Wegman's! Kay
  11. Hi AlyssaB! Here are 2 recipes I found online that are Whole30 compatible. I haven't tried them yet so would be interested to hear if you make them, but they sound super flavorful. https://paleogrubs.com/homemade-instant-bouillon-cubes https://southern-bytes.com/paleo-chicken-bouillon/
  12. I wash all my produce when I get home from the grocery store. It's an added step that day, but I find it saves me time when cooking and it makes me more apt to eat fruits and veggies!
  13. I second ShannonM816 with the potatoes, eggs, and tea. I have found that bananas help when nauseous too.
  14. Hi Jaxxie, This is a very belated reply so I hope you have been feeling well and managing your IBD symptoms since April. I have ulcerative colitis (IBD) and completed my first Whole30 a year ago. The past year has taught me so much about my gut and how foods affect me. Before my first round, I had major digestive issues. Scopes showed it wasn't a colitis flare, and every other test I had was negative. This left me so discouraged, because without knowing what the problem was, I couldn't find a solution. After all the research I've done, I believe I had leaky gut syndrome. I am SO happy I t