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    Hello one and all!  My name is Lori and I live in North Carolina.  Today is day 5 of my husband and I doing Whole30.  We WERE doing Paleo and doing a great job until *insert dramatic music* the holidays hit.  We were doing Paleo for weight loss but are doing Whole30 for health.  If weight loss comes with it...score! 
    I have read It Starts with Food and LOVED it!  There are many dog eared pages, hand written notes & highlighted lines!  It's wonderfully written!   I'm also using Whole30 Day by Day.  I'm a very visual person so that book is great for me.
    For recipes I'm using a cookbook called Cook Once Eat All Week by Cassy Joy Garcia (but the recipes don't last a week LOL).  The menus are inexpensive, adaptable for whatever diet you're on and easy to follow.  I was using this cookbook when we were doing Paleo.  We have yet to have a recipe that we don't all love.
    Neither of us have had a slip up (no big deal, just day 5 HA) but I am SUPER tired of water, coffee & tea.  We're sticking to no caffeine after 12:00pm which is leaving us with water for the remainder of the day (I REALLY miss having my glass of skim milk with my dinner *sniffle*).  I don't like sparkling water so that takes out a huge alternative choices.  I do drink fruit infused water but...I'm just tired of water.  Does anyone have any suggestions?