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    LAshley got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Day 18 & I could be falling apart!   
    I hope cutting down potatoes and tomato sauce worked for you. Did it? Were you able to complete the program? I'm just starting and I know I have a sensitivity to at least some nightshades. I'm really hoping I can get away with tomatoes. Anyway, hope everything worked out and that you are still making gains!!
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    LAshley got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life   
    I'm starting Whole30 with my fiance this coming Monday. We've been preparing for a few weeks, trying out different milks for coffee creamer, practicing Whole30 meals, incorporating a Time Restricted Eating schedule, etc. I'm excited by all the good reviews, but also nervous. We've tried a few different lifestyles including AIP. We generally eat well, having learned so much with AIP. However, a mistake we seem to always make is staying consistent. We would get 2-3 weeks in and then reward ourselves with a pizza or Jack in the Box. I think that has prevented me from ever really seeing results in decreased inflammation.  I'm hoping that by committing to Whole 30, along with a few other combined restrictions, we can finally do this. Completely.  Without any falling off the wagon. Also, what about eggs? I dont think I have sensitivity to eggs, I love them. But I'm scared of wasting my time with this commitment only to find out 1-2 months down the road that eggs were a major culprit the whole time. But I also dont want to give them up if I dont have to. Do alot of Whole30ers with inflammation end up finding they need to cut out eggs? Also, can there be variability to reactions to nightshades? I've never noticed anything with tomatoes or eggplants. But I have immediate reactions to anything with chili powder, paprika, cayenne, or peppers. Unfortunately. My cheeks and ears get red and painful, and I start forming telangiectasia on my cheeks. 
    Anyway, super excited about beginning this journey and joining this community!
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    LAshley reacted to ShannonM816 in Day 18 & I could be falling apart!   
    You had the body aches and joint soreness before you started? Is it worse, or just about the same?
    Is there something you're eating now you didn't eat before, or that you ate occasionally before but are eating a lot more of now? Maybe there's something that is whole30 compliant that just doesn't work for you. For instance, eggs or nightshade vegetables cause pain like this for some people, especially in large quantities, and many people find they consume a lot more of them on whole30 than when they're not. 
    Are you keeping a food diary? Do you notice that it's better or worse on certain days, and can you see any pattern in foods you eat or don't eat on those days? 
    Is it possible it's not food-related at all? Like, if you live somewhere that in the last 18 days has gotten colder, do you think maybe the joint pain is worse due to cold? Or maybe you've been more or less active, and that's affecting your pain levels? 
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    LAshley reacted to ShannonM816 in Starting Jan 1, 2020   
    I would definitely look for recipes using arrowroot powder to get an idea for ratios, it's not going to be quite like regular flour. Tapioca starch is another option. You can also make a gravy by cooking down vegetables in broth until it has reduced, and then blending it, like this: If you Google Whole30 gravy, there are a ton of recipes so you can see how different people do it.