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  1. CannaBoy

    #JanuaryWhole30 Here We Come...

    @Ann I hear ya! On my first W30 I had 3 restarts. By the third one my mind had shifted and I thought...wait...this is my body and I only have I want to restart...I did and I'm glad I did :). What would W30 be without a restart. This time around I was doing good and then...I visited a "Natural" food store and there was a stand outside promo Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Chocolate Coconut. I tried it and was suspect with how sweet it was. The label seemed clean...not so...Monk Fruit is a sweetener so... boooooo.... Oh well, my W30 starts again today...I plan to do a W60 anyway to make sure I am reset. Then on to reintroduction. The other "landmine" is Epic meat bars. Some of them have sugar added. I guess I need to become a professional label reader... Cheers!
  2. CannaBoy

    #JanuaryWhole30 Here We Come...

    @Jim Baunach Nice I love it :)). Man I wish I could indulge and not stop! For me it is tooooo hard, so may be no no Michael for those foods...we shall see.
  3. Good Morning Whole30 Family My name is Michael and I am so looking forward to beginning the #JanuaryWhole30 with all of you. This will be my second Whole30 journey. The first time my life was totally transformed...Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. I am a Believer in Jesus and He used this program to snatch me from depression, hopelessness, and 3 addictions! The mistake I made, which I do not intend to make this time, is that I did not Reintroduce. Whole30 made such an impact on my life I did not want to change anything and said "Heck with Whole 30, I am Whole Life"...Then July 4th came and went and after indulging in Pizza and Beer, my life slipped back into my old ways. Here I am again in depression and addictions. NOT AGAIN! I am now convinced that Reintroduction is as, if not more important than the initial reset. I look forward to building an eating plan that works for me and making new friends and building relationships with many here. Here we go! Never looking back, Michael
  4. CannaBoy


    Hi @ShannonM816, Thank you for your response and these cool resources...I will check them out. You are correct about not having to purchase books and RP...I like cookbooks and will most likely keep them. The appeal of the RP program for me is not so much to tell me what to eat (I like to decide that), rather to automate the translating the ingredient list including amounts of all the recipes for the week into a summation grocery list, the calendar function, the search function, etc. I think I will go the initial 30 days without RealPlans (one less thing to manage), and see if this works for me. Then look to RealPlans in the going forward. It would be nice though if in the future Whole30 could include the recipes from the cookbooks into RealPlans as this would be an awesome mix for those who want to invest in the books and use the automation. Looking forward to #JanuaryWhole30! Cheers, Michael
  5. CannaBoy


    Hi. I just purchased 4 cookbooks and am looking forward to using them. I then went to Realplans and my understanding is that all of these recipes are not included int the application. So if there are many recipes I like from the cookbooks and they are not in the program then I am going to be manually loading in a bunch of stuff. I like the idea of automation but if I still need to do a bunch of manual entry then I may either return the books and use what is in the program, or not subscribe to the program. Anyone else run into this issue? Is there a feasible resolution? Thanks, Michael