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    TONTO99 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Challah - Should I still do Whole30?   
    I think you should definitely still do the Whole30   When you did it last time and didn't eat the bread, did you do reintroductions to determine how bread products affect you? If so, what was the outcome?  
    I will confess I am not educated on Jewish law so please know I am not trying to be offensive here - do you have to actually swallow the bread? I recall a very old conversation on here about Catholics and communion and the whole30'er would remove the biscuit from their mouth after the ritual of having it placed by the priest.  Is that an option?
    Whole30 is respectful of doctor's orders and religious practices and while you may not see the full results of the program, especially if bread products are something that really work against your system, I think you'll still find it worth doing and that you'll get good results from it - sometimes the results that we get from subsequent rounds is more mental than physical and that's totally okay and actually quite wonderful!