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  1. @stonehouse Sounds great! I tried my first hot yoga at the weekend. They zipped us into a giant inflatable "pod" with heaters in... it was a trip. The Super Bowl starts at midnight here, so I'll be giving that one a miss!
  2. @VeggieLovesFood I usually eat almost vegetarian/vegan (just out of habit/economy more than anything else) and it has been a real shift to eating so much meat and fish. I think my body likes it - my muscle mass is soaring! - but I miss my pulses and don't think I can eat like this long term.
  3. I sympathise on recognising hunger and fullness @Spunky. I have ASD and I am not great at reading my body's cues. Also got into lots of bad habits of eating to soothe myself when bored or alone or upset. It's all a learning curve and part of the reason I want to give myself another 30 days.
  4. Hi @SchrodingersCat, how bizarre that diet could effect vertigo! Have you any idea why that would be? Thank goodness you found a cure for it. @stonehouse - what was your yoga challenge? I have only taken it up in the last few months but I am really enjoying it. I think it is doing me good both physically and emotionally.
  5. I am missing the weirdest stuff. You'd think it would be chocolate or bread, but I want lentils, and porridge.
  6. Hi @Heather888 and welcome. Sounds like this is a good opportunity for you to focus on your own wellbeing for a change - no easy feat when you have kids! I hope the Whole30 works for you. Could the bumps be pilaris keratosis? I have very oily hormonal skin on my face (always have done despite being in my 30s now!) but I have noticed it has improved during Whole30 after an initial breakout.
  7. Good luck @cblarson. I think the best tip I can give is "be prepared" - it's so much easier to throw meals together and deal with the unexpected if you've done some work in advance! I heated up a pre-baked sweet potato to have with some defrosted pork chilli for lunch today. Thank you, me from the past!
  8. Good luck @Spunky. I just finished 30 days but have decided to extend to a Whole60 and really focus on trying not to snack and really listen to my hunger cues for these next 30 days. Looking forward to joining you on the journey!
  9. @nikkitalks I'm with you - I am on day 29 and no tiger blood. I have been trying to manage my expectations so as not to feel too disappointed, but it's hard when you have made an effort for a month. I keep telling myself that even if I don't feel a load of benefits I certainly haven't done myself any harm by eating whole foods for all this time and cutting out rubbish. But it's a bit tough.
  10. @toriathequeen I made some homemade sauerkraut at the start of January and after leaving it a few weeks to ferment I have been eating it this week. It has really kick started my gut, so maybe try some fermented foods? The unchilled stuff you get in supermarkets has usually been pasteurized to make it safe at room temperature so it kills all the good bacteria, but if you can find a health food store that sells chilled kraut or kimchi, maybe that would help if you tried it for a couple of days? (You could make your own but you would have to wait for it to ferment and it sounds like you nee
  11. Hi guys. Somehow I am already on Day 29. January has gone so fast! I'm feeling a bit low, confused, and demotivated to be honest and just needed to vent a bit. A bit of background, I've had issues with restrictive eating in the past, but over the last year or so I have gone totally the other way and had a lot of trouble with binge (and sometimes purge) behaviours. I've been working on it with a therapist and I think a lot of it has been reaction to how long I denied myself a lot of foods like bread for example, but I wanted to try Whole30 to find some balance and be more aware of wh
  12. @kirbz That sounds sensible Kirbz. I really miss lentils and chickpeas and other pulses. It hasn't been any of the obvious stuff like sugary treats I have been craving, but I would give anything for a dal curry or a bowl of porridge.
  13. I'm thinking about extending to a Whole45 or a Whole60. Not decided yet!
  14. @Kwillertz Well done for recognising that you wanted a reset to start to feel better. Wishing you all the best for your W30!
  15. Hi @Maria45, I have had issues with depression/anxiety in the past and lots of disordered eating. To be honest I think just making the commitment to a plan like this and dedicating some time to yourself and your health is already a huge step forward in improving your mood and mental health. Our lives are so busy and hectic nowadays that self care is always at the bottom of the list, so this is a good way to take care of yourself and your needs. I know my disordered eating is a symptom of emotional distress so it all ties together. I have found that cutting out sugar and junk food completely se
  16. Best of luck @Christi622, will be rooting for you!!
  17. @Jihanna Thank you! Data has always been my favourite! @Mfaramchi let me know how you find the recipe. I am going to make it next week and have them with a salad for lunches. I had a look and we only have one Orange Theory location in London right now. I go to the gym for weights 3 x a week (just doing my own thing) and try to run twice a week on the treadmill. I've started doing an ashtanga yoga class once a week in the last few months too which I really enjoy. But I think that over the last year even a good amount of activity hasn't been able to outweigh my poor eating habits. Th
  18. @BeckyB The last two mornings I have walked into the kitchen at work to people making toast and it smelled soooo good!
  19. Welcome @MariaR15 and the best of luck to you!
  20. @____Emily____ I've had three of those dreams! In one I was eating a burrito, in the second I was drinking beer, and in the worst one I was outside a supermarket and a guy was doing a taste test on cupcakes and wanted me to compare two of them - I don't even really like cupcakes that much! Each time I woke up feeling like I did something bad!
  21. @Mfaramchi Hi Maggie! If you're craving chicken nuggets I really recommend this recipe. It's not a Whole30 one but I've made it in the past and everything but the sauce is compliant. I think I will make it next week and it is so delicious. Congratulations on an amazing result in December - 21lbs is crazy! I can only dream of losing that much, but I have noticed on Day 16 that already my arms feel bigger in the gym so I think I am laying on some muscle which is great. I used to eat almost vegetarian and I wonder if I wasn't getting enough protein. I am eating so much meat on Whole30 a
  22. Hi @amaloretta - so glad you had a good first day! I have also had a terrible year of poor eating habits with lots of overeating, binge/restrict and generally not looking after myself. This has felt like a real investment in my health and I am loving taking the time out to plan my meals and eat really well. I'm on Day 16 and feeling pretty good! What's on your menu for the next few days?
  23. Good luck, @sowandreap! Let us know how you get on. @AmyG74 - I felt very down on Day 10 too. I think in the first few days I lost some bloat and I had lots of enthusiasm, then by Day 10 I just didn't feel like anything was changing. I was also really tired which may have had more to do with coming back to work after the holidays than the food I was eating. I'm on Day 16 now and feeling pretty good. I'm eating some really weird stuff (keema curry for breakfast yesterday, spicy chicken livers and sweet potato for breakfast today!) but I am enjoying trying new recipes and having lots o