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  1. Hi @nettiewinks - good luck for Day 1!
  2. @kirbz That's really interesting feedback about your reintroduction experience. I was thinking I would probably do the slow roll but you make some good points. I'm on day 13. All fine so far, I had to take a lunchbox to a training event yesterday but no one bothered me about it. @Laura of The Great White North good to hear that you aren't having too many digestive troubles. I made the mistake of having roasted jerusalem artichokes on Wednesday night and boy, did I know all about it on Thursday. This is my first week back at work after the holidays and I have really been strug
  3. So sorry to hear you feel under the weather, @nicoleh89. I think being stuck indoors can really bring down your mood. Do you like jigsaw puzzles? They are old-fashioned and sound like a bit of a joke but I have found I get really absorbed in them and it's almost like a mindfulness activity. Nice to do with some music on. I am also addicted to podcasts. What sort of hobbies and interests do you have? I listen to about 40 so I'm sure I could recommend something! Or you could try audiobooks?
  4. It can feel overwhelming but I have found that dedicating a bit of time to prep suddenly makes everything easier. If you cook some meat, roast some veg and make a couple of sauces on the weekend you are suddenly ready to throw lots of different meals together. It just takes a bit of forethought, which is not always easy! Hope it kicks off okay for you today.
  5. How is everyone doing? I am on day 10. I am generally feeling okay, although I don't feel as lean as I did a few days back - seem to be a bit more bloated, which is disheartening. But I know this is mentioned in the timeline so I will try not to worry too much. My skin seems to be clearing up a bit. Energy is okay, although no "tiger blood" yet. I'm eating more Nom Nom Paleo Egg Foo Youngs with avocado for breakfasts this week, then big salads with roasted veg and mackerel/salmon for lunches. I'm out a few evenings so I am having quick pre-baked sweet potatoes with tuna mayo and kale
  6. @Ejanecek83 that is so weird because I have had two nights like that where I have woken up in the early hours and lay awake for no reason. I just finished day 7. I wasn't sure if it could be because of W30 or not. Other than that I have slept deeply and felt fine when I wake up.
  7. @Laura of The Great White North The mayo recipe is: 1 egg yolk 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp dijon mustard (I subbed mustard powder) 2 tsp cider/wine vinegar 100ml light olive oil Black pepper Beat the yolk, mustard, vinegar and salt (I used a hand mixer) then add the oil very slowly, beating as you go and it will thicken. At the end stir in black pepper. I doubled this recipe and was really pleased with it - it is very rich and much nicer than shop-bought mayo. I might try adding other flavours next time like some chopped herbs or some garlic. I usually do bubble and squ
  8. Thanks for all the resources, @kirbz. I bought a lot of bits and pieces this week so I am trying to use everything up but I might try some of these recipes next week when I am back to work after the holidays and need to be a bit more organised. @Laura of The Great White North - I just realised I never told you what bubble and squeak is! It's basically a way to use up leftover vegetables (and meat, if you have it) from a roast dinner. You basically just squish all your leftovers together - sprouts, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, swede, parsnips... - and then fry it until it goes a bit crispy.
  9. I don't think of it as a disability; my brain just works slightly differently to a neurotypical person. Sometimes it is a benefit, for example, I find it easy to stick to new habits and rules like the Whole30. My autism very much makes me who I am and is responsible for a lot of my key personality traits so I would never call it a disability. Thanks for your concern though. All going well as I hit day 5. Yesterday I made my own sauerkraut and also some mayo and ketchup for the fridge. I treated myself to some seafood for the next few days as I think I will finish my big beef roast today
  10. @Jim Baunach Autism Spectrum Disorder, or what used to be known as Asperger's. Means I love a routine and get a bit muddled or anxious if confronted with the unexpected!
  11. @Jmb369 well done for listening to yourself and not piling on the pressure when you knew it would be tough for you. I bet you will smash it in January. I went over to a friend's house last night so four of us could play board and card games. I took a tupperware of leftovers and drank water. I felt a bit awkward a couple of times because the guy was putting away his beer or chocolate or whatever and didn't want me to feel bad about not having any when actually I didn't mind. I didn't want to feel like I was ruining anyone else's fun. But generally I had a good night. I am just headin
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys. @kirbz although the Whole30 will make it tough to socialise I hope it makes me a bit more assertive. I find so often that I go out and I let myself get swept up in other people making decisions for me. I really can't say hand on heart that anyone is putting pressure on me to eat or drink anything I don't want, but I let the social expectation get on top of me and I end up having things I didn't intend to. So I hope this will be a reset and a good "excuse" to say no and get that control back. I am so jealous of your pupper. I would love to have pets but my life
  13. Hello everyone! I just started my first Whole30 today. Thanks to @kirbz for pointing me to this thread to join you all a day behind! @Laura of The Great White North and @kirbz - I really relate to what you both said about healing your relationships with food. I have a history of eating disorders - previously it was more restrictive but I have had awful problems with binge eating/purging this year. It really hit home what you said about rituals with food and it being "mandatory" for certain events. I feel like it's impossible to socialise or celebrate with people without it involving drink
  14. I just went to the shops and stocked up on lots of supplies. Really excited to get started. Anyone else starting before January? I'm just back from visiting family for the holidays so I want to get going right away instead of waiting a couple more days. Would love to have some team mates so we can chivvy each other along. Going to spend this evening portioning up some stuff for the freezer and making some compliant mayo! Pip x