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  1. I just restarted on Monday so I'll be in for most of August too.
  2. Thanks Mady, it was good. So, let's see, where did I leave off? Tuesday July 21 I had a cucumber from my garden for an afternoon snack. Dinner was taco salad with romaine, tomatoes, 2 kinds of peppers, cucumber, guacamole, salsa, and shredded beef. Wednesday July 22, day 3, was bad. Woke up late again so had coffee with nutpod creamer for breakfast. Lunch was white fish and olives. I had eggplant on my plate but didn't eat it. My appetite is not great. Had a cucumber for an afternoon snack- I am absolutely rolling in cukes right now from my garden thankfully and they make ex
  3. July 20- lunch was around 12:30pm, had tuna salad with Primal mayo, jalapeno and pepperoccini in a romaine lettuce wrap. Around 4pm had a pint of raspberries and a Nick's stick as a snack Dinner around 6:30pm was spaghetti squash with bolognese sauce. It sucked. Craving carbs Evening snack of 8 strawberries around 10pm. Tuesday July 21, day 2. Woke up with a migraine, overslept, had to dive straight into work. Breakfast around 9am was just coffee with vanilla nutpod. Lunch at 12:00 was olives, leftover spaghetti squash and bolognese sauce, and pine nut
  4. Today's July 20, 2020 and I'm going to try to do a whole 30 again for the upteenth time... Goals: 1) lose weight, 2) reduce inflammation, 3) clear skin. Starting weight 140 lbs. Waist 32 inches, Hips 41. Breakfast: 10:30am. Spinach tomato frittatta, black coffee, o.j. (I know juice isn't recommended- but there is no added sugar so it doesn't break any rules and baby steps are needed to deal with sugar withdrawal and not fail).
  5. Cool! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  6. @SchrodingersCat - what about chorizo? It looks like salami to me, is it not? Palacios' Chorizo has no sugar.
  7. @heb2014 thanks for sharing your experience. I had blood work done and an ultrasound where they looked at my whole abdomen- everything came back okay. At this point we suspect either I had a brief bug- or it was a flair up of my IBS due to going off the rails with my eating in December. I'm not sure why it hit when I was on day 2 of the Whole 30, maybe because like you said I changed habits so suddenly. In any case, I've decided to start working with a dietitian on a low-FODMAP diet to heal my gut. The diet is very, very strict in some ways- with limits on portions, times of day to eat an
  8. @Patrick77 I think it's the mentality part, to break the habit of mindless eating. Kind of like I can slice a sweet potato, put salt and spices on and roast in my oven to make 'chips' but I can't buy sweet potato chips. @laura_juggles Not my fight, but your answer was kinda rude/snarky. Just saying.
  9. Blood tests results were mostly okay, one level related to pancreas was a little high but I'm not sure if that means anything. Had my ultrasound today and meeting with a dietitian tonight.
  10. @Brezymurph I hope it is going well for you. Onion- yeah I've been avoiding it for years but not to the extent I should. Usually I will chop it really big so I can get the flavor in the cooking, but then I pick them out. I should probably not cook with it at all. Garlic is worse for me, I LOVE garlic. I am still having intermittent issues, I went to Urgent Care yesterday and they told me to get my gallbladder checked out so I have a doctor appointment tomorrow. For now, I'm going to continue to try to eat healthy but I'm suspending my Whole 30 until/unless I can identify what the pro
  11. @Brezymurph thanks for the encouragement. Peppermint essential oil is a great idea. I have chronic stomach/intestinal illnesses and I'm afraid I might be having a flair up or even another infection Today was slightly better but not great, so if I'm not better by tomorrow I will go to Urgent Care. I confess I did eat off-plan today and will have to restart when I feel better. I am committed to staying sugar free and eating as little off plan as possible so that it's not so hard to get back on track. Trying to stay hydrated too. Breakfast: bone broth and a banana, half cup of coffee
  12. My stomach is still hurting but not as bad as before. Very bloated. Dinner so far was 2 large mugs of chicken bone broth and a banana. I wish I could have yogurt or toast; I'm not sure what I can eat that is compliant and won't hurt my stomach.
  13. I am allergic to corn so have been using potato starch for years. I find I need less of it than recipes usually call for- it makes things quite thick.
  14. TMI Warning About an hour after eating I started getting really intense stomach cramps- I assumed it was all the raw carrot on an empty stomach but it's been 4 hours and I'm still really hurting. It might be constipation- I will try some remedies once I get home. I waited until 2ish for lunch because of the pain then forced down a bunch of olives (for the oil) and a little leftover salmon and sweet potatoes. I'm also trying to drink a lot of water. I'm really tired and have that 3pm brain sludge- maybe a cup of black coffee would help both issues, lol.
  15. Day 2- tried to go to bed at 10, didn't fall asleep until close to midnight and slept poorly. Overslept a little and got up at 7:15. Normal morning nausea- made myself drink a glass of water before coffee with collagen and nut pod creamer. Forgot a morning meeting so packed a breakfast and just now eating at 10am. Carrot sticks, hard boiled eggs, guacamole, and a banana. Lunch will be leftover fish and sweet potato and olives.