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    Niya reacted to Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    Thank you!!  I AM in such a good space!  There are before and after pics in my profile, if you can find that.  I wouldn't have spent my youth dreading middle age if I'd only known how much I was going to enjoy it! 
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    Niya reacted to Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    Today is day 31 and I lost 4 pounds.  I was hoping for 4 - 8, so not disappointed especially considering I've been eating like a lumberjack.  Seriously.  I've had ribeyes at least twice a week, handcut French fries under the broiler, everything sautéed in ghee and I've finished off 4 JARS of different nut butters.  (Walnut butter is my fave.)  I'm reintroducing legumes today, just to see what's up, but I'm planning to keep the general W30 thing going for about 14 more lb. with limited exceptions (my daughter's birthday next week, wedding in late Oct, etc.) 
    Just FYI about my start - I'm 55.  5 years ago I weighed 274.  After starting Zumba, then walking, then eventually running, then cutting calories, then adding weight training, then counting macros, I lost 105 lb. in 2.5 years.  And I have been on a solid plateau since.  W30 is my jump-off-the-plateau plan to get to my goal of under 155.
    My journey is pretty text book, days 5-6 I thought I was getting the flu!   I had itchy skin on my neck and upper chest for 8-10 days in the middle.  My constantly drippy nose has almost completely cleared up, except during the hardest workouts.  Day 28 was literally the hardest day ever.  I desperately wanted an English muffin, then a Snickers bar, then a cocktail, but I survived.  Because I don't need it I don't have my 10am nor my 2pm cups of coffee anymore.  I also don't have a snack after work anymore.  I never mastered Pre workout meals.  I'll focus on that as I continue.  I have not seen a huge change in running or workout performance, but a dress I bought 2 summers ago that I could never really wear comfortably now fits well and looks pretty good on this ol' girl!
    My favorite W30 hacks are:  1. Breakfast sausage of ground pork seasoned with cayenne/cumin/paprika, hand-pattied and fried in the same pan as the eggs and spinach.  2. Steak sauce made with Murray's olive tapenade/tomato paste/Coconut Aminos.  3. I found the 2 W30 salad dressings I tried to be overly tangy, so I drizzled some tahini over my salads and added 1/2 the usual amount of dressing.  4. Plantains cut in half, then each half cut into 4 slices long-ways, then browned in ghee, served with a drizzle of coconut cream and a dash of cinnamon.  5. A wine glass of Kombucha to round out the evening while relaxing before bed (the spot formerly filled by wine). 
    I honestly can't believe how fast this time went.  After 1 week, it was all fairly routine.  My biggest struggles were days with little structure which for me is Saturdays.  I even managed to attend a couple of local baseball games with little difficulty.  In the morning when I packed my lunch for work, I also packed my dinner.  When I got home, I popped it in the microwave, took it in the car with me, and ate it in the parking lot before entering the stadium.  (On both occasions, I sneaked in a La Croix and a baggie of mixed nuts.  Shhhh....)  Problem solved!
    Thanks so much W30 community!  I have enjoyed reading everyone's questions, getting advice and growing healthier together!!  Let's keep at it!