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    @Jim Baunach I would also suggest you start your own thread with these questions. Right now you're taking over @heb2014's journal and this probably isn't the tone she wants to start her journey on. (I don't mean to speak for you, heb.) Like with any lifestyle change, it's best not to be so literal about it. There is no fast and easy way to get rid of cravings forever. If you're looking for a magic pill, this isn't the program for you. But if you want to be diligent and change your habits with the help of this program with an open mind, by all means dive in. 
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    Today was my first day back from work since the holidays. I packed my breakfast and lunch to take with me. I noticed when i got to work I had a little bit of irritability, I was quite cross that the lights in the building were off...spoiler alert...they are always off. For some reason today it made me upset. Had my coffee black but added a little knob of ghee to it. Had my same spicy chicken for lunch. By the end of the day I was getting super tired and my joints hurt. I have a history of Lyme's so the joint thing, not surprising. One of my goals for this was to decrease my inflammation and see if anything I eat is making me feel worse.
    Came home and by the time I got here I was irritable.  I made my 16 year old leave and hang out with her friends because she was asking for Whataburger. Gave her some cash and threatened to start talking about her ex-boyfriend if she didn't go get her burger...AND EAT IT THERE. I made a great chicken piccata recipe that was W30 approved. I'm loving mashed potatoes with ghee and almond milk. Also had some roasted asparagus with it. Irritability...gone!
    On to Day 3!!
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    Lunch at 2:30. Running late today.  Had a second cup of coffee with nut pod creamer because of a headache.  
    Tuna with home made mayo, pickles,  paprika on romaine and grapes

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    I'm going to push myself to keep this updated.  I'm notorious for starting journals and then forgetting about them. 
    A co-worker and I are starting a round of Whole30 together on January 1st, this is round 1 for me and 2 for her.  I remember this time last year she was just finishing her 1st round and had tried to talk me into doing it with her.  I had 100 excuses why I couldn't. 
    I've officially gotten to the point where I have to "re-parent my inner child". My IC loves ice cream and cakes, especially when they are good because they were raised with food as a reward. Now I have to to convince her that other things are just as good and SHE LOVES BRUSSEL SPROUTS! 
    I managed to find an online food blogger that not only had week by week meal plans but also instructions for prepping them and grocery lists!
    FYI have zero issue eating the same thing multiple days in a row.
    Week 1 Meal Plan (this an abbreviated week since we are starting on a Wednesday, all following weeks will start on Sunday)
    Wednesday 1/1
    Breakfast: Apple Chicken Sausage w/ Brussel Sprouts
    Lunch: Spicy Chicken with lemon broccoli and sweet potato chunks
    Dinner: Slow cooker chili
    Thursday 1/2
    Breakfast: Apple Chicken Sausage w/ Brussel Sprouts
    Lunch: Spicy Chicken with lemon broccoli and sweet potato chunks
    Dinner: Lemon chicken piccata with mashed potatoes and asparagus
    Friday 1/3
    Breakfast: Chia pudding with banana, berries, and almond butter
    Lunch: Spicy Chicken with lemon broccoli and sweet potato chunks
    Dinner: Sloppy Joe stuffed bake potato with side salad
    Saturday 1/4
    Breakfast: Chia pudding with banana, berries, and almond butter
    Lunch: Leftover Chili
    Dinner: Buffalo Chicken wings with dump ranch, potato wedges, and veggie dippers
    Sunday 1/5
    Breakfast: Chia pudding with banana, berries, and almond butter
    Lunch: Leftover Sloppy Joes
    Dinner: Beef filet with chimmichurri, red potatoes, and green beans
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    @hollysmokes I hear you on commutes being motivation crushers!  Do you have an active job that you got 8600 steps with a 10 hr work day and hour commute? 
    How did you feel on day 3?  Your meals look great for variety and veggies and even fermented foods   It looks like some are missing added fat though - are you finding that you are full and satiated?  I just don't want to see you crash because you aren't getting enough.  It is always easy in the beginning when motivation is high but small deficits each day can sneak up on you down the road...
    I hope day 4 is going well for you!
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    Hi friends! 
    I'm excited to start my second round of Whole 30 on January 1st. Even though my first round only lasted 10 days, I loved it and learned a lot. (I got to take an unexpected trip to Copenhagen and I firmly believe a big part of traveling is experiencing the food, so I stopped.) 
    I'm sticking to my guns this time and gonna finish this round! On my first round, I felt amazing after about day 3. The first three days were real rough, but after day 3 I felt great and was sleeping much better. I learned that food prep is SO ESSENTIAL. If I get hungry, the gig is up and I'll grab whatever is closest. Thankfully I knew this about myself and always packed more food than I thought I needed. Lettuce wraps with sugar-free deli meat were my savior, along with avocados filled with bacon and tomatoes. I also learned that my Sunday food prep only really lasted me until Wednesday before I either got sick of what I made or ran out, so I'll need to carve out time on Wednesday nights to cook some more. 
    I work for a major retailer and we don't have New Year's Eve off, so I'm staying home and may or may not stay up until midnight. I'm gonna take some good time beforehand to go through my cabinets and get rid of any trigger food and do a long grocery shop and food prep so I'm set up for success. 
    (Oh, did I mention I'm married to a BAKER?! Yeah dude. So temptation won't ever totally go away.)
    So let's start off this new decade right! I found these forums to be a huge help before, so I'm gonna continue to update this string with my daily thoughts and feelings. Feel free to join in!