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  1. Well, I recently finished my Whole30. It was really hard, but I didn't slip up once. There were no results. There was no elimination of cravings, no improved energy or sleep and no weight loss. Back to a balanced diet and counting calories. Thanks. Jim
  2. @Melissa Hartwig This general statement is obvious, but avoids answering the question whether Whole30 is safe for pregnant women and the baby. If you don't know whether it is safe, why not be straightforward and say so? Thanks. Jim
  3. Are nuts against the Whole30 rules? Thanks. Jim
  4. @Melissa Hartwig "Defer" means to postpone. You will always postpone to my doctor? Did you mean "refer"?
  5. @Melissa Hartwig This general statement is obvious, but does not answer the question. Why don't you just say that you don't know if whole30 is safe for pregnant women and the baby inside?
  6. @SugarcubeOD there is no limit on fruit intake on whole30. You are overthinking it.
  7. @SugarcubeOD there is no limit on the amount of fruit intake on Whole30. You are overthinking it.
  8. I'm confused. If it is recommended to follow the meal template, why isn't it just made a rule? Portioning is not a rule.
  9. Hi, What is Whole9? Thanks. Jim
  10. The rules have no limit on the amount of fat intake, only the type of fat.
  11. I'm confused. If there are things you shouldn't have while on Whole30, then why not just make it a rule that you can't have it?
  12. I'm starting the Whole30 on January 3. This is not because of any New Year's resolution. It is just because it was the only month I could fit it in.