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  1. Well, I recently finished my Whole30. It was really hard, but I didn't slip up once. There were no results. There was no elimination of cravings, no improved energy or sleep and no weight loss. Back to a balanced diet and counting calories. Thanks. Jim
  2. @SugarcubeOD Sometimes they are cooked and sometimes they are not. I prefer uncooked because cooked vegetables give me a stomach ache. Thanks. Jim
  3. @SugarcubeOD I have been having potatoes and carrots. Thanks. Jim
  4. @SugarcubeOD I don't eat cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli or Brussels sprouts. That would really make me throw up. I'm eating more meat and vegetables than usual. Thanks. Jim
  5. @heb2014 the only sources of fat (that I know of) are from the meat, a few nuts, avocado and olive oil. I don't know what starchy vegetables means. Thanks. Jim
  6. @SugarcubeOD I can't remember exactly what I ate for each meal and the portion size, but I know it has been meat (chicken, pork, steak and fish) vegetables, fruit, some eggs and nuts. It's really hard to keep on this diet. I'm so sick of it. Thanks. Jim
  7. Does anyone else feel nauseous after eating just meat, veggies and fruit for days on end? Yep, I ate eggs and nuts too. Thanks. Jim
  8. @CannaBoy I'm on day 12 and haven't slipped up yet. It's been really, really hard though.
  9. @heb2014 Hi heb2014, I started my Whole30 on January 3. I went to this forum before I started my Whole30 in preparation as part of doing my initial research because I was curious about the program and thought the forum could help with some questions I had. Thanks. Jim
  10. @slc_melissa That's correct, which is why I went to this forum to ask how one can tell if a seed is a grain. Thanks. Jim
  11. @laura_juggles It's not the sees themselves, but the oil that is made from the seeds.
  12. @JessFind I'm trying bacon and fried eggs for breakfast. I cook them the night before and then heat them up in the microwave in the morning for a grab and go, which is what I did today. Happy Friday! Jim
  13. @JessFind I'm not looking for a magic pill. I never said I was. Just want a simple program I can stick to to see the benefits below. The short rules seem simple, but not all the "recommendations".
  14. @heb2014 I didn't say that the Whole30 web site said "You will never crave something unhealthy again in your life".  I'm not sure where you got that. It does say eliminate cravings and lose weight, which are the main reasons I want to try it.
  15. @slc_melissa Yes, I think there is a grain that is not on that list in the rules because it says it "is not limited to" those grains listed. @slc_melissa Yep, I know, and it's great! That's what drew me to Whole30 in the first place - the simplicity of it and that I love bacon. So I plan to eat Whole30 compliant bacon every day while on Whole30 (along with eggs). Thanks. Jim
  16. @ladyshanny so what can I hope to achieve by doing a technically compliant Whole30, but without following the recommendations? Thanks. Jim
  17. @ladyshanny But that is exactly what whole30 is purporting to do. The Whole30 web site says "Change your life in 30 days with the Whole30". See above. Thanks. Jim
  18. @heb2014 The problem is Whole30 does in fact claim to do it in 30 days. It is in the title of the program and the top of the home page of the Whole30 web site says "Change your life in 30 days with the Whole30". The rules says " just give us 30 short days".
  19. @laura_juggles Hi Laura. Thanks for the response. The rules are short, but maybe not so simple for me as a beginner. One rule is no grains, but I still don't know how to tell if a seed is a grain (only if something is either a seed or a grain). As far as I understand, Canola is made from a seed, not a grain, so it is allowed. But then you said "Canola is allowed when you're eating outside the home". The strict "allowed" language sounds like a rule that it is allowed only when eating outside the home. So then I had a follow up question asking, according to that rule, as long as I eat out
  20. @ultrarunnergirl I was simply responding to the above question from @sgc regarding whether her results of no weight loss would be the same on Whole30. There is no way to know until you try Whole30, but just explaining the only surefire way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. Any weight loss from Whole30 would be an incidental effect of burning more calories than you consume while on Whole30. This is the reason why I'm trying Whole30, which is to eliminate cravings and avoid counting calories and thus have the weight loss be an incidental effect of the program. However
  21. @heb2014 I thought that whole30 was supposed to eliminate cravings. I was excited to start whole30, but after hearing about all these post-whole30 experiences, am having second thoughts. Thanks. Jim
  22. @ShannonM816 snacking is not against the whole30 rules.
  23. @littleyellowdiary I also like things with clear rules, rather than guidelines or recommendations. That way, I can determine up front if I can devote the time and effort to stick to them and know that if I don't see results after sticking to the rules, it's not something I did wrong, but a problem with the program rules.
  24. @Jihanna Seems like whole30 is not as simple as advertised with all these recommendations that should be followed.
  25. @littleyellowdiary Wow. What a simple diagnosis. Sounds like that is real disability. Thanks. Jim