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    Ann unfortunately I do not.  I used my vita mix blender to make the Mayo.  The first go round I had added the 1/4 cup of oil in with the egg and probably didn’t drizzle the rest of the oil slowly enough. After watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to not add any oil in with the egg and added the lemon juice at the beginning as well.  After the egg and lemon was mixed I slowly ever so slowly drizzled the oil.  It took close to five minutes, but it turned out lovely!  Using it for chicken salad today.
    The grilled pears were delish!  I had never made them before.  Yes they would be a beautiful complimentary side to a pork dish.  
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    Hi all!
    Before you create a new can I have, take a peek at this list we've compiled of the most common "Can I Have" questions!

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    @cutterlm Thanks!
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    Nuts are allowed, as are nut flours and butters (as long as they don't contain any off plan ingredients such as sugar.)
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    "Defer" means postpone, but "defer to" means to allow someone else to choose.  Check out the definition from Merriam Webster: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/defer to 
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    Public Service Announcement: 
    The group threads in this section of the forum can be extremely fast moving and as such, the volunteer moderators have a hard time keeping up with reading the hundreds of posts that go whizzing by.
    That said, if you are struggling or something doesn't seem right or you need some specific help, please create a new post in the Troubleshooting Your Whole30 portion of the forum. Make the title of your post as specific as possible to assist in getting a response sooner. For example, titling your post "Can't Break the 3pm Slump!" rather than just "Someone Please Help!" makes it quicker for the moderators to understand and assist you. 
    The moderators try to get to everything and we appreciate your patience but members following this outline is one of the ways that you can help us to help you!