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  1. Does anybody have any menu plans set yet for our trial days coming up other than the ones in whole 30 book? I'd like to hear from ppl who have done more than 1 whole 30 please if possible. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I just finished my first Whole 30 on 1/30/20 and I'm almost done reintroducing things. I followed the sample from W30 book Day 1: legumes/2 days W30 Day 4: non-gluten grains/2 days W30 Day 7: dairy/2 days W30 Day 10: gluten/2 days W30 Okay, so I'm on my gluten reintro today. My question is I haven't noticed a significant change in my digestion except corn tortilla chips sent me into wanting to eat sugary foods and I was bloated first, then constipated. However, I have still had a lot of bloat and constipation/diarrhea while on the W30. Is this due
  3. HI Coach Amy, Thanks for taking the time to respond to my last post. It really makes a difference to me to get so much support and encouragement. I'm glad to hear I'm on the right track. I have decreased my meal intake and that's helped for sure. I also think I'm fighting a cold/sinus thing (whether truly a virus or more detoxing Sx, not sure) but because I'm an impatient person, not feeling 100% on day 21 gives me reservations -- so thanks for confirming that all is well. I am excited and nervous about going into reintroduction phase. Sometimes I just miss small things l
  4. Hi Shani, Thanks so much for replying. I am mos def logging everything I'm eating/drinking to a T. I laid off fruit for almost a week bec/ of my sugar addiction and I added in fruit 2 days ago but I can't eat it with full meals bec/ that def makes me bloated. I usually eat it 30 min before a meal with nuts, although I would prefer to have it alone so it has time to digest without fat or protein in there. That seems to be the best for my body pre W30 ago.... If anything, I feel like I'm eating too much food. I've been making whole 30 recipes throughout this from the 4 books so I wa
  5. P.S. My digestion still hasn't caught up to me. I am either constipated or have diarrhea, will that even out eventually?
  6. Hi All, Hope everybody's Whole 30 is going well for them and people are seeing great things happening daily. I was hoping to see Tiger Blood by now and it hasn't happened yet. I am an impatient person, and I know from my Whole 30 Day By Day Journal that it doesn't happen to everybody in the same manner and at the same time, but I'm feeling slightly frustrated bec/ I really wanted that "switch" to turn on. True, I came into this Whole 30 eating tons of sugar and processed foods so maybe it's going to take my body a little more time to adjust. And true, I have seen improvement
  7. P.S. Glad you found healthy snacks that you can bring to work! That's key!
  8. Hi Michelle, I'm so glad things are going great! Day 17 almost done for me! It's been a bit of an up and down journey for me as I came in loving sugar and carbs so although I don't have any brain fog and more energy, I have yet to see Tiger Blood so I'm a bit frustrated. I know in the Whole 30 Day by Day journal that I'm using that Tiger Blood doesn't happen to everybody and you just need to focus on the improvements no matter how small they are, but I was looking for a switch to turn on to be honest. Still I am only half way thru and maybe my body needs more time to adjust to
  9. Don't worry, I don't know what the experts say but since you didn't eat them knowing they weren't compliant, you should cut yourself some slack. I'm sure hardcore ppl would say start over, but if my memory serves me well, all the ingredients are whole30 compliant, but they just want you to get out of the habit of snacking on not-whole foods I'm guessing. Do you have amazon prime? I know they sell those chomp meat sticks there. Maybe that's a good portable option. Also, I've been drinking a lot of tea (green, peppermint) or just hot lemon water during the day. Make sure the tea
  10. Madeline, hope it's going well for you on day 5. The planning and prep are what take the most time but one trip to Whole Foods to buy W30 compliant condiments has helped a ton so I make sure never to be hungry because now I have the basis for making simple meals. I can tell you what I bought if you want to but I don't want to overload you with info if you don't want. I know what you mean about time. I feel like all I'm doing is dishes or cutting up veggies but I'm sure as I get better at this and I don't have to "think" so hard for what to eat, it will become second nature. Still, y
  11. I've made it to Day 5. My moods have been up and down and up and down so I'm hoping as I travel further down this path they will even out. I have noticed more energy though so I'll take whatever small wins I can gain! Michelle A, hope your sugar dragon isn't getting the best of you. Yesterday was a doozy for me but today I feel more calm so wishing that for you as well!
  12. Thank you. Today is almost over, I meal to go. So far, so good. I just need to figure out fruit. I didn't meal plan today so I just ate plainly but tmr headed to Whole Foods with my list in hand and my menu planned for the week so it will go smoother I'm sure. Thanks for the encouragement. I greatly appreciate it! Happy 2020!
  13. Okay, I'm starting on 1/1/20 my first Whole30 and I'm a bit afraid as I'm pretty much addicted to sugar and carbs. Please say prayers for me and good luck to everybody!