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  1. I was in the same situation with so much bloat I looked 5 months pregnant. I completely cut out the high FODMAPs and it went away! I stopped taking any probiotics also. I miss onions, garlic, apples and brussel sprout in the worst way but when I eat them I am seriously bloated. I am continuing my Whole30 through February but I did add pure stevia (no polyols) to my coffee with no problems! Hope this information helps.
  2. Today is day 25. I have stuck to the plan like crazy but I am so bloated all the time that by the end of the day I look 5 months pregnant. Does anyone else have this problem? Now I am studying FODMAP foods and realize EVERYTHING I have been eating is high FODMAP's. This is terrible. Please give me some insight.
  3. It’s just almond paste so you can add water to the consistency you want it. Their recipe adds maple syrup and vanilla. I’m avoiding those so it’s just the paste and water for me. It super tasty.
  4. I made it through the carb flu and now I find myself not hungry all the time! I have been strict and highly motivated and found my joy again in preparing simple but healthy dishes. Still not enjoying the black coffee but I did find a product called Joi almond paste to make my own fresh almond milk. Only one ingredient.....almonds! I love it!
  5. Hi All. I did 2200 miles on the CDT in 2019. Came back pre diabetic and super high cholesterol. I’m not overweight just sluggish and crave sugar. I started on December 30 but officially it’s January 1st. I’m so motivated and excited about this!