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  1. My first day was great! It was probably the first time in my whole life that I ate three whole meals and didn't snack in between. Today has been harder, just because I didn't eat my full breakfast (it just didn't sound appealing ). But that's the last time I will do that; I was SO hungry all morning. I caved and bought snacks for this afternoon on my lunch break -- carrots & guacamole or celery & almond butter to keep in the work fridge for this first week while I'm learning and adjusting. Oh, and dinner tonight -- meatballs served with cherry tomatoes and zucchini noodles! Making
  2. I might be having to do this as well. How did it go for you?
  3. Ooh, that's actually a good idea. I wish I could bring myself to do that as well. Something to try with my next round!
  4. I'm really nervous -- I've been planning and researching but I have never been the type to stick to something like this. I chose January 2nd because I'm going to a NYE party tonight where I know I'll be drinking, and I don't think starting Whole30 while hungover is the best idea. Plus I have the day off work tomorrow so I can spend the day shopping for my first week of meals! My sister in law is doing it with me but she lives across the country, so I'm hoping for some extra support on here. Here we gooooo!