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  1. So, the Whole 30 book says Days 10-11 are the days on which the majority of people who quit their Whole 30 are most likely to quit, and I am definitely feeling that today. I'm NOT quitting, and I WON'T quit, but my cravings are really testing me today, and particularly my sugar craving. How do you guys push through days like this? I had some chopped dates to try to soothe the sugar beast, and the natural sweetness in the dates helped. But what I really want is an Oreo, lol! Open to any and all suggestions of things I can try to keep this at bay or to tell my body it IS getting something
  2. I'm on Day 5 now and feeling pretty good! I was really tired yesterday and took a half-hour nap before dinner, and then had some trouble falling asleep, but overall have felt like my quality of sleep has been better, which is nice. Meals are going pretty well, but I feel like I need to do more raw veggies versus always cooking them. Have only had a few really hard cravings to overcome, mostly on Day 3. Baked goods are my weakness, lol! But I resisted and I find the cravings getting less as each day passes and I fine-tune my eating. I can tell this is flushing out the bad stuff
  3. Way to go, @jchap09! I had carrots & guac as part of my lunch yesterday - so yummy. I'm really glad that a nice simple guac is okay on Whole 30 because it's one of my favorite foods and easy to make. Your dinner sounds yummy, too! My husband and I discovered zoodles a little over a year ago and love them. My half-Italian kids are a harder sell on zoodles over pasta, but frankly I think the sauce is where it's really at anyway!
  4. I first heard about Whole 30 from my chiropractor in early fall 2019, but had never heard of anyone I knew who had done it, so it just kept rolling around in my head for a while and then one day I saw something about it again and decided to order the Whole 30 book on Amazon. When it came, I read Part 1 and was instantly overwhelmed by the idea - there was NO WAY I was going to be able to go 30 days without ANY sugar, cheese or wine, LOL! But I kept finding myself coming back to the book and reading on, and when I FINALLY got past the "scary" bits and started looking at the shopping lists, meal
  5. How was everyone's first day yesterday? Mine went better than expected! I was so nervous to start this because I have a serious sugar addiction and - being a Wisco girl - a deep and abiding love for cheese. But yesterday wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it might be, and I felt pretty good all day. I made the coconut-curry chicken and cauliflower rice for dinner last night and even though only my husband (a bit loosely) and I (100%) are doing the Whole 30, my kids ate that, too, and loved it! I love Indian food, especially chicken or beef shahi korma, and the curry sauce for the chi
  6. I’ve also chosen 1/2/20 as my start date as we have family coming over for one last hurrah tomorrow with the Badgers in the Rose Bowl! ;) Good luck to you and here’s hoping we are both transformed by this experience on 1/31!!