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  1. 6/1/21 bolognaise sauce zoodles and sweet potato banana nut porridge from against all grain, coco yoghurt and raspberries egg salad with avocado 5/1/21 egg salad with avocado pork san choy bau banana but porridge as above 4/1/21 pork san choy baau bolognaise with zoodles and sweet potato I think the biggest thing that i need to do is add more veg. I have it cooked into everything but I could add more on the side I think. I've put the nut porridge in as a way to relieve boredom but I'm very aware that while I'm find digestively I'm not as f
  2. And suddenly I'm a few days behind already! I'll try and fill in as best I can... 3/1/21 leftover egg roll in a bowl half a banana with cashew butter salmon fillet with sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, peppers and spinach in ghee 2/1 3 eggs scrambled with veges paprika and hot sauce pork egg roll in a bowl 1/1 pork egg roll in a bowl half a banana with cashew butter salmon fillet with tumeric and coconut sweet potato and kale I realise with fasting that I'm just not fitting the 3 meals in but two is not enough. I do find the fruit and f
  3. So I'm back for another round to start out 2021. Last round started out 2020 and we all know how that year turned out so let's cross our fingers for something better! I have zero intention of making any new years plans (i live in one of the few Aussie places that has active covid clusters right now so socialising is a no-go) so I started a little early on 28/12. I'm also unsure how long this will run for, maybe 30 days, maybe 45 or 60. We'll see. The thing that always ends up getting me is that I can't have everyone in my household eating what I eat and so I end up making 3-4 different m