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  1. Nice to meet you Rebecca! I hear you on the cravings. They haven't been too bad this time around for me, but I have really been craving a glass of wine most nights. I don't have too much of a traditional sweet sugar dragon, but definitely miss savory/salty starchy foods. It sounds like you're pretty seasoned when it comes to eating this way... Out of curiosity, do you have some favorite go-to meals when you start a fresh W30? Do you keep it pretty consistent, or do you like more variety? I've been doing pretty well... Think I finally turned a corner on energy levels yesterday, but defini
  2. Hello all, I'm on day 5 here but wanted to start a thread to introduce myself and see if others are doing an April W30 as well. I'm also doing the Whole 30 Day by Day reading and journaling and today's guidance recommended I reach out to others doing the Whole30 who could offer support in those weak moments. I don't currently know any friends or family that are doing a W30 right now so I took it as a call to action to connect here. A little bit about me... I'm a 37 year old corporate professional living in Minneapolis. I'm a huge foodie and also care deeply about health and wellness. I've