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    Lamar49 reacted to jchap09 in First timer starting January 2!   
    I'm really nervous -- I've been planning and researching but I have never been the type to stick to something like this. I chose January 2nd because I'm going to a NYE party tonight where I know I'll be drinking, and I don't think starting Whole30 while hungover is the best idea. Plus I have the day off work tomorrow so I can spend the day shopping for my first week of meals! My sister in law is doing it with me but she lives across the country, so I'm hoping for some extra support on here. Here we gooooo!
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    Lamar49 reacted to amalee09 in First timer starting January 2!   
    Also starting my W30 tomorrow. Intentionally staying off social media during this time as well, so would love to stay connected with others on the journey on this forum. 
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    Lamar49 reacted to AmyG74 in First timer starting January 2!   
    I’ve also chosen 1/2/20 as my start date as we have family coming over for one last hurrah tomorrow with the Badgers in the Rose Bowl! ;) Good luck to you and here’s hoping we are both transformed by this experience on 1/31!!